Need Help Understanding or Performing a Combo?


qcf uf+A, qcb+C


sorry i meant while they are blocking low. i cant really land it even with the tiger knee and buffer.


Thats what I do but they get out after only a few hits, even with turbo.


For qcf x 2 supers, do qcf, d + something cancellable, df, f + P / K.

For example, with Ryu, you do qcf, d + MK, df, f + P


Much obliged for the advice from everyone who gave it!


It should work as an instant overhead against many characters if you do the qcf uf+A part fast enough.


Im pretty good at kof games I think Ive replicated most of the combos ive seen on videos.

but when it comes to SF I have a hard time doing combos that involve a super move

for example Ken jump HK down forward into super, I always get that kick move instead of the super :frowning:


^ that is probably negative edge happening

like whats going on is jump HK (no problem here), down + press MK button = down forward (still good), qcfx2 + release MK = funny kicks (oh no!), press punch = nothing since youre doing the funny kicks

its kinda annoying when you do yang’s low forward to rekkas and you get low forward to roll kick (VERY BAD)


I also have trouble doing Heart’s loop. My problem is the dash you have to do each time you land before hitting C. Most of the time I get forward C instead which knocks them to the wall. Very annoying.


Still can not do a Kara Palm to save my life.

It is the last thing in 3s im trying to learn :frowning:


It’s a “renda cancel” IIRC… I used to screw that combo up all the time until I read about renda cancels.


Why on earth can’t I do the MVC1 wolverine infinitive [jab/short->strong xx dash forward] repeat bracket. I know how to do it and I manage to do the loop once sometimes, so I really have no clue what I am doing wrong. Any tips?


I have some good timing for most things, but I absolutely CANNOT crossup (in HDR), any guesses as to what I’m probably doing wrong, and whose the best person to practice them with?


Cross ups are all down to positioning. There’s no real best bet when concerning a character to practice with, as they all have, pretty much, their own spacing and own moves. Just pick a character, space your self so that you only just make it over the oppponents head and try things out. Usually it’s your kick set you should be trying, but on odd occasions in some games, punches do cross up as well. But yeah, it’s nothing but good positioning…


Uhhmmm… sorry to assume you’re new if you’re not, it’s just easier to go lowest common denominator when I have no idea what you already know! :smile:

  • Be certain the move you’re trying to do can cross-up. Most jumping attacks just plain cannot cross-up. I believe that every character has at least one in most SF games, though.

  • Certain moves cross-up more easily than others. Some can with difficulty, some do very easily.

  • By “difficulty,” generally it means the precision of the spacing needed (how far away you are from your opponent when you start the jump) so that you do properly cross-up… as opposed to just attacking their front, or sailing over them and missing altogether. A really easy one would be Blanka’s, a moderate one would be Ryu’s, and… well shit I’m such a scrub I never use any hard ones hahah.

  • The timing of the actual attack also matters, but usually to a lesser extent. The timing is more important if you have plans to combo anything after, or at least continue a tight block-string to keep up the pressure. Some moves need to be done earlier in the air to cross-up properly, giving the opponent more time to recover from the hit as you land, which makes them very difficult to successfully combo into something else.

  • Note that the height and width of your opponent will affect both the spacing and the timing required.

  • Miscellaneous note: Some command normals and special attacks can also cross-up if used correctly.

  • Helpful tip: Right after a cross-up, unless you’ve comboed into further attacks, your opponent is in an opportune situation to throw your ass. Do note that you can do the same to them. Having a command throw considerably ups one player’s advantage.

  • Bonus: Crossing up a charge character will often ruin any back-charge they have, unless they switch the direction they’ve been holding at the exact moment you pass over them. Note that if they stand to try and block your jumping attack, they’ve lost their down-charge regardless of whether or not the block was successful.

Cross-ups are considered such a strong tactic because the likelihood and merit of the potential reward usually significantly outweighs the risk involved.

Hopefully this helps you and I haven’t make any mistakes!


I still cant perform that 3xjab into super combo.
I need a vid.


thanks for the long response; I know the theory, and know some that work in CONCEPT, I just can’t do it;

I’d forgotten that goofy blanka JK, I’ll start with that one :wink:


Awesome, dude! Get your money’s worth out of the game in training mode, hahah. Basically just go in there and play around with the spacing. Remember that competent players will rarely sit still for you, but this is by far the best place to start your learning/practice. Before you know it, you’ll be hoppin’ over dudes’ shoulders like you want some piggy back rides and everyone’s your bitch.


Which SF?

Sorry, i never got into 3S beyond mashing kara-throw with Ryu. Have you tried asking in the 3S Strategy forums?
Also u2b is worth a try: [media=youtube]lZbt3CFl__c[/media]

What do your inputs look like? Something like LP, LK, MP, DF+PPP, LP, LK …?

What combo are you trying to perform again? Just so you know, c.LP x3 xx super is done using a completely different technique than c.LP x2 -> s.LP xx super.



Perhaps an old combo video of mine and my buddy’s can help you with some infinite setups. I think Wells has the EASIEST LK infinite setup, so try his first.

After I give you the notation, all it really is practice after the fact.

2ABC 236+A 6HC 5A 6B IAD AC land dash 5C IAD AC dash 5C 236+B 6HC (needed for 2+ loops) 5C IAD AC land dash C IAD AC dash 5A j.a j.b j.4b dj j.a j.b j.4b j.2c xx Arcana Super

[media=youtube]Yxj-KqyKPcM[/media] (combo @ 0:23 follows this exact notation for 4 loops)

The key is a quick tap of the joystick for the dash 5C and make SURE the stick is definitely back to neutral before you hit C. Or you will fail and do the charge move guaranteed.