Need help! Unique stick pcb/wiring issue


Hello Tech Talk!

I am hoping you guys can help me with a unique problem I’m experiencing. My setup is a dual mod with a mc cthulhu, imp v2.1, and a xbox 360 sfxt fight pad pcb.

I took my stick apart the other day to remove an xbox one pcb from the wiring and also clean my buttons. I had it setup with the xbox one pcb for KI, but I no longer play it so I figured I would remove it.

When I put it back together and wired it up, I plugged it in to test it out.

The first thing I noticed was that I was unable to move around in the xbox guide menu before starting the game. I continued to my game just to further test to see what all was wrong. To my surprise, I was able to move in the game but not the xbox menus. Strange.

All my buttons work successfully. The next thing I notice is that while my directions work, if I hold down LEFT or DOWN for longer than 1-2 seconds, it will stick the input for about half a second(my char will continue to walk forward or crouch). This does not appear to be an issue with right or up. it also doesn’t happen every time.

I’ve tested the stick plugged into my PC with the usb game controller tester and everything appears to work flawlessly on PC input test. I hold down left, release, and the red input goes away immediately. Plug back into xbox, and it sticks and I can’t navigate menus.

I’ve also tried to find any bad solder points or places where the connectivity was bad, and I couldn’t see anything wrong.

Please, if anyone has any thoughts on what I could try I would GREATLY appreciate you. Thanks guys.


the back of the fightpad pcbs have a switch to go from DP LS RS directional inputs. LS and RS take some emulation on part of the controller and result in delayed signals. check the back of the pad to see if this switch is set to the middle for DP, that is best. it could be that your stick is connecting to your PC in the Cthulu mode which wouldn’t have this problem.


Can we get photos of your wiring so we can maybe spot something you could have missed?

I want to say both boards are not getting power all of the time, so the unpowered board sending false signals.
But that just a guess.


both of them could be correct.

cthulu takes over when you plug in the PC, so if it works there, i’d test it on the PS3 as well to double check. if it does, then you know it’s something wrong with the 360 pcb. which could be the switch on the back, or not getting enough power, or something else.

I say process of elimination would be the best route…

ps, why’d you take off the XB1 pcb anyway? should’ve just left it there even if you weren’t using it.


Thank you so much for the responses guys.

I looked on the bottom of the XBOX SFxT and the switch was turned all the way to the left, so I must have accidently bumped it over when I was messing with it. I’m almost certain this is the fix, since I remember messing with that switch when I originally wired it up.

I’m currently out of town so I can’t hook it up to a system to test. I’ll test on Monday and post the results.

You guys rock!