Need help using K-groove Kyo



I am a K-groove player and sometimes have a diffucult time trying to figure out a strategy on using Kyo for k. I was wondering if anybody could be kind enough to lending me some advice and tactics on playing a K-groove Kyo?

Also if you could give me some really advanced heavy damaging combos too?

  1. Knock them down
  2. Mix up wiht the following things:

short jump d+fierce
short jump crossup d+fierce
short jump cr. lk cr lp cr mp qcf+P combo
short jump crossup cr lk etc.
short jump throw

When you’re raged, do random qcb hcf+P super for no reason and it’ll always connect

I hope I helped!


Pretend you’re fresh off the boat from HK, can’t speak english, and low jump around a lot whiffing d.HP’s.


Thanks alot, I will put that information to use


everything has been pretty much covered as far as practical combos afaik, you should concentrate more on one character at a time and/or read the other threads where most of what you are asking for is already covered, and then ask questions on what you don’t understand or haven’t found.


Stop revealing my secret ‘whiff d+HP from across the screen’ tactic!


This combo takes just about half life without a super
and more in rage mode…

J.Fk, S.Fk, QCF+Fk,k , F+FP, qcf+LP, hcb+lp,lp


This is probally his highest damaging combo without a super…

Note: the first part of the qcf chain whiffs but the rest connects…

DMG in K-Groove(rage mode): 8043 (Just insane:evil:

PS: I forgot to mention to do this near the corner… :o



that QCF+K, K part…I’m ahving trouble with that. it doesnt cancel form the S.RHK, does it? If it does than I just nbeed more pactice…


It has to be the close standing roundhouse, not the far one. The far one is only super cancellable.


say i heard that with kyo qcf+hp can go through anything if you just time it right



it doesnt go through everything but ive seen it stop regular
punches and kicks, kind of like changs hold Back then Forward+P…



LOL, it’s called auto gaurd. kyo had since his early kof days. but it’s too hard to time. it can go through fireballs, normal moves…anything that’s a one hitter, i think.

ok anyhow, the forward+fp into rekka, does more damage than hmmmm…just do the it’s easier to time, and people can’t roll out of it. then again, i’m not sure if the people can roll out of the forward+fp into rekka…


HK players are elite… They’re good enough to use the auto guard move as anti-air.


I’m not l33t, but I use it as an AA. = P He just doesn’t have a reliable AA… missed DP = death… Far sHK is ok… sHP is ok… it’s just that there’s nothing consistent enough to stop crossups. cHP is too easy to stuff…


Try my anti-crossup Kyo tactic. It consists of two steps:

  1. Just Defend the crossup.
  2. Get thrown.

This is foolproof apart from the “get thrown” part. Still working on that.


I got his qcf+fp to go through a psycho crusher once. It was crazy. we did it at the same time, and it looked like i countered it, and i got the hit. Craaaazy :slight_smile:


Does anyone know the number of auto-gaurd frames Kyo has during his Qct.Frc?


An atom is small. The counter frame is smaller.:lol: It is near non-existant, nothing like kof.


There is a 4 frame window, Which is about half the amount of invinciblity normal DP’s have. Almost worthless. Way too much risk involved.


I used it effectivly a few times. I started doing it against Psycho Crushers and crap like that. Not a bad move. Just have to work at it.