Need help vs Akuma and the game in general

Hi, i’m pretty new to the 3s scene and i’m interested in learning the game. i know how to play cvs2 and ST so i have the SF basics down.

i’m thinking of pickin up makoto since she looks like a fun character to play. i’ve been using her for like 3 days and so far i’m having trouble vs Akuma.

first off, whats the best way to get in on him? air fireballs, air hurricane kicks, ground fireballs and dps are discouraging me on getting in on him.

also his and c.rh makes it hard for me to dash in on him or poke him in general.

another problem i have is getting him off of me. demon flips, demon slide and dive kicks are extremely hard to stop. best thing i can do is dash out of the way or a lucky fuikage.

i also find it hard to keep pressure on him, especially after a knockdown due to his dp and c.mks.

any help would be appreciated. thanks.

btw, how do you do her kara moves and how benificial are they?

ur prolly playing CPU Akuma, he can be a bitch, but remember this:

parry his divekicks helps.
being higher then him when he jumps helps (meaning you should superjump)
makoto’s dash is the fast there is, try to get onher his fireballs and punish

stuff like that =)

and use SA2 on him, one grab=death

Try to tag him with SAII after he throws an air fireball. There is enough recovery to get him after he lands.

I think it is a tough match up if you arent good at landing SAII consitantly or geting karakusas. even then, a good akuma is pretty nasty… and if you’re not getting karathrown, you’re getting off easy.

Jumping RH is pretty good and can nail him out of some of his moves if you time it right.

Might want to try choosing SAI and just punshing wiffed poked and baited DP’s.

If you’re getting hit by a lot of shit and having a hard time getting in, you just need to mix it up. Fake a hayate before dashing, throw a poke, use Twoard + RH and hold RH to get in there. It has good recovery so it can be good for baiting DP’s if you time it right.

As far as getting on him… throw a lot… sweep him… whatever it takes to put him on the ground. At that point just work the shoto wake up game. See if he likes to DP on wake up or what. Try to bait DP’s with wiffed ticks and then punish with karakusa -> fp -> ex hayate.

To kara her moves, tap short then cancel it immediatley into one of her moves (karakusa, fukiage, oroshi etc…)

Its extremley benefical but until you learn the basics I wouldnt worry about her karas too much. I would just focus on her general mixups at least initially. Focus on getting your opponent on the ground and dveloping a half way decent wake up game. Thats pretty essential.

thanks for your help.

btw, whats her best anti air?

fierce kick… and… fierce punch gives massive stun and damage.
axe kick(in the air) use olwayz MK then hayate 2x…

                           MAKOTO!! THE!! STUNNER!!:evil:

Depends on what you want to do…

I typically mix up between c.rh and standing fwd. The timing is a little different on both so it keeps parry happy people undercontrol a little better. Throw in the standing short to standing forward chain, and it gets kind of tricky.

If someone is trying to parry you, just throw out a strong. If they parry it, just do a strong fukiage. Works pretty well…

Twoard and Jab is pretty good for poking people out of the air. Works pretty good against dudleys jumping rh.

if its computer akuma, its simple:

just turtle all day, wait for the dive kick, his gonna hit low 95% of the time, parry that shit, karakusa, fierce, hayate.

course im a scrub :smiley: