Need help vs Yang

I have had an issue with Yang since I began playing this game (long time now), and I haven’t thought much of it until recently when I encountered a player that spammed the hell out of it.

Yang’s :qcf::p: (can be done x 3) move that he does; is there a way to get out of it once the first hit connects (assuming they perform the other 2)?

I try parrying, blocking, hitting and nothing seems to work. The connection was fine so I don’t believe lag had anything to do with it.

I don’t really have an issue with somebody spamming a move; but it irritates me when I am clueless on how to defend against it and, subsequently, look like a complete chump losing to one move done over and over.

Uh, it combos, so no, unless you are blocking it. You should have posted in the forums for the character you are using.


This thread is top tier.

Thanks for the quality responses.

As far as posting in a character specific forum; I figured it was a **general **question, so it would fit best in **general **strategy.

Granted yang has other moves, but a good portion of Yang’s damage will come from mantis slashes. That said, it would help if you posted which character you use. For example, if you use Akuma, I would suggest teleporting out of corner pressure or dragon punching.

As for general strategies, you could get good at parrying and crouch teching. The easiest way for Yang to combo into Mantis Slashes is off of a low forward. So if you just block low, Yang will have to resort to either overhead (maybe combo into Mantis Slashes) or a throw. If you see the overhead, go for the parry. If you see Yang walk up, go for the crouch tech.

Well, not every character has the same options, so you thought wrong. You don’t need to spell it out for me.

Thanks for the advice. I was asking in general terms because I use a few different characters (Dudley, Ken, & Akuma to be specific) and I was wondering if there was any sort of general strategy that I could keep in mind.

To Pherai: I don’t know what I did/wrote to get you so pissy. I was just asking a general question and you act like I slapped you in the face.

You’re asking for a strategy to how to stop a combo? And you’re wondering why people are getting pissy?

Well okay let’s put this thread to a rest. While you are getting hit, you can’t block or parry or hit. It doesn’t matter what character you are, not Dudley, not Ken, not Akuma. It doesn’t matter if you’re being hit by yang’s slashes, or chun li’s SA2, or genei jin (this is yun’s SA3), once you are in a combo, you can’t do anything until the combo is done. That’s your general strategy.

Any further discussion on strategy on how to defend yang’s slashes should go into the yang forum. Of course, we have no one to move the discussion because I am thoroughly convinced this forum has no moderation.

All that I needed to know was that it was a combo, I didn’t guess that because it seemed to be the same whether he delayed his moves or input them quickly. I am aware that you can’t get out of a combo once it starts.

Sorry that I upset everybody with a question that I guess I should have known. I’ll be sure to slap myself across the wrists for being such a bad poster.

If the game says combo then it is

No need to apologise dude.

I discovered something cool though which i don’t think anyone here has ever mentioned explictly, but it really helped me get to where i am today for 3s.

When someone does a combo, once it’s ended it’ll tell you how many hits were in that combo, just below their health. It’ll also show you how many points they were awarded for doing that combo too, but i find this slightly less helpful.

Say i do hugo’s sa1, it does 3 hits in total, and they all combo. So how many hits is that? Let’s have a look…


So it does a 3 hit combo! I hope this helps dude.

I truthfully never pay attention to when it says combo on the screen when I am playing, especially when I am on the receiving end of a beating.

Anyway, what advice I did get here was useful. I just learned that next time I have a question, not to bother asking it.

I think the moral of the story should be if you have a question, you should do a lot more research than you did this time before asking it. It’s very simple in many ways to check if it’s a combo or not, or if you were unsure of what a combo was altogether etc. etc.

That was way less of a smart ass way to answer that

Just learn from your mistakes. Next time you have a question that doesn’t involve the mechanics of the game or something, post in a character specific thread. In your case I would have posted in the Yang thread with a message like:

You’ll get a way better response with that. It’s also good to try to search for your answers first. Sometimes it can be hard to find things. If you can’t find anything, just say that you tried to dig it up, but you couldn’t hit pay dirt.

The general strategy area is more for system mechanics like parrying, tech throwing, the theory behind SGGK, option selecting. The distinction between the general advice you were seeking and the general advice usually dished out in general strategy is that anti-Yang stuff is going to be character specific while general strategy tends to lean more towards statements that apply to all characters (Example: How do I couch tech? While in a defensive crouch, just hit lp+lk). Anti-Yang strategies on the other hand will vary from reversal DP to Sean sucks, pick a new character.

Also, try to pay attention to the game. I hate to be harsh, but you could have easily answered part of your question by looking at the combo meter. I can see why you wouldn’t bother looking the first few times, but if you keep getting stuffed by this, the combo meter is one of the first things I look at to see if I have a chance to counter poke. The fact that you didn’t do this and instead went directly to the forums pisses a lot of veteran SRKers (especially Pherai) because there are a lot of threads along the lines of “What does 12 taunt do?” and stuff that can be tested in game.

This thread was made along side me reading the wiki section of SRK about 3S’s mechanics and gameplay tips for the characters I used as well as Yang. I was hoping that there may have been some hints that weren’t written that may help.

That sums it all up to a T.

Okay, so be it…

I apologize for asking a simple question that could be easily answered. I apologize for not walking on eggshells so as not to offend the sensibilities of the veteran SRKers. But most of all, I want to apologize for making everyone waste their time by responding to me.


you still apologize like an asshole…