Need help w/ Strider doom vs Cable/Sent/Capcom



Everytime i go against this team, cable always keeps away from me and I run into capcom assist. Or if sent is in, once he gets on top of me with the stomps, I cant do a thing. If i could get some space, I could maybe initiate my orbs and start trapping/chipping, but I cant ever get away from sent and I cant close on cable. Any help greatly appreciated since this team owns me everytime. I went to a tourny recently and this dude said he started playing marvel 2 days ago and he totally owned me w/ team scrub vs my Strider/Sent/Doom. I guess that doesnt say much bout my skill :lol:


try using someone else besides sentinel in your team. maybe try storm/strider/doom.

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wow? strider became Jill. Hmm too good.


Ive tried using storm in my team, but I keep coming back to sent. I like storm better, but I cant deny the power of sent plus I can use him as a ghetto replacement for doom in my trap if doom dies.

But mainly what i wanna know is how do I get any strats to get sent to stop stomping me and take cable down when hes on point. I DO have problems with sent vs sent or sent vs cable - but thats for another forum.


I suk with strider,but i’ll try to help anywayz.When sent is stomping you.Try to pushblock,then teleort on top of his head and attack while falling down from the teleport.Then start chipping like crazy.Or u can use strider special with the 2kicks,then cancel into a hailstom.hmm,if you have sent,then just hfs,then sent VS sent.Be carful though.The other sent might beat your,becuz of his queer(commando)anti.I know this won’t help much.But like helping peep:D !



Use the teleport.