Need help, what works



When i fight usually against bisons or any other crossup friendly players, they usually jump-in and attack right above rog’s head. i was thinking what would be a good counter to this. only thing i could think of is c.fp. since balrog headbutt is very horizontal and slow on startup its unreliable.

1 more thing. i think im underestimating rog’s jabs. if someone is finishing a blocked combo on me and i throw out a roundhouse or fierce sometimes its too slow and i get hit. would throwing out a jab be better? or even a mp? would it beat any fp/rh moves?


One of the things you need to learn as a rog player is that a lot of the time, if you’re getting crossed up, blocking is the best thing to do.


Agreed with above, you gotta just learn to block and tech throws or if you have a TAP charged some times you can do that under it or ex dash upper the other way, but its still better to learn to block it. As for countering it, I’ve never had problems with a cr. fierce being too slow unless I play online.