Need help wid bison a-groove

i just want some1 2 tell me how to do that bison’s a-groove… i can do it in a ps2 controller pretty much consistenly in both sides but when i go play in arcade i totally suck!!! i mis evrytime… just wanna ask any1 espcially gunter on to do it in a arcade stick ty :slight_smile:

Umm… buy a joystick?

I don’t see how you expect anyone to HELP you… you know what the motions are, and you can’t do them on a joystick. So practice on a joystick. Problem solved.

uh thx 4 da advice…but all the arcade joystick i’ve seen are all shitty. Do u know any joystick dats REALLY HAS A ARCADE FEELING…and btw in ur website… are all the a-groove vids u have are all done in a joystick?? if so wat joystick is it?? thx again:)

ask for perfect 360’s (optical)
this or similar, is the first choice of any serious tournament player

i have hard ass time doing it on the left side, but i’m ok with the shoryukens to the right, because your arms naturally close in, so any ideas of how you guys do the combo to the left?

You’re one of the few that do it better on that side (I am in that group as well). I used to have problems doing it to the left, then I just started to do the fireball method (one DP, then hold it left and do repeated FB motions). Now I can do it almost perfect in that direction too (every once in a while I get c.fierce, but it’s cool… better than nothing! :cool: )

I used the CvS official Joysticks by ASCII (EXTREMELY rare nowadays, but they feel just like the Japanese arcade sticks… I was living in Japan when CvS1 came out).

The best sticks I’ve ever used that were like the US Arcade were the ones made by zugg zugg. I’m thinking of buying one eventually, but it’ll have to be AFTER my Japan trip (I leave in 2 days! :smiley: ).

Don’t buy MAS sticks. They are the shittiest sticks I’ve ever played on. Optical 360s make them tolerable, but they’re nowhere near as good as the zugg zugg sticks.

where can we find these zugg zugg sticks?

i have two of these sticks which u mention of, gunter. bought em off lucky plaza in s’pore :slight_smile:

but i have a problem pressing continuous DP on 'em too. just to check if urs are the same as mine, the d-stick is 8 directional (octogon shaped), right?
which is the best way to execute continuous DPs on that stick, to keep pressing QCF+P after the first DP+P, or execute separate DPs quickly? (which i can’t fanthom myself performing).

It’s the same stick. It’s strange that you should ask that question. In the arcade, I do DPs in both directions, but on that stick for whatever reason, it’s easier to do it by the fireball method (well, for Sakura it is… M.Bison, it’s so slow I can do it by DP method). Also, don’t think of it as doing DPs quickly. Think of doing it CONTINUOUSLY. It’s slower than you think…

yes i have a similar experience. if i press the fireball method for sakura it has a higher chance of success that when i do it for bison. somehow, the fireball method works only when the stick is moved quickly; any slower, and it ends up as a HP, right? :bluu:

arcades here in s’pore use d-sticks that are 4 directional (square shaped). cos it’s different from mine i never mustered the guts to try this move in arcades when i couldn’t even execute it consistently on my own stick. i’ll try performing it on my stick before anything else.

is pressing bison’s slow? it looks mightly damn fast to me. but many guys in the arcades said the same thing u said; do u consciously move the stick in DP continously, or do u release it and let it snap back in any direction?

What I really wanna know is how to get all five hits each rep, I do it the DP->Fireball continuous method which I do just fine on both sides. However whenever I try to nail all five hits of each rep the character starts to drift down and then I have to pick up the pace by whipping out those fireball motions faster, thus getting random hits with each slash. I’m not sure if it’s rhythm cuz just about everything I’ve tried to keep with repetitive five hits the guy still tends to drift down. Advice?

Yeah, just do continuous DP motions instead of that buffering.

Or you could throw in a s. Fierce at any point to bring them back up a little.