Need help with 720 moves


Hi there,

I did search before hand but couldn’t find anything.

Basically I’m having difficulties getting 720 moves to work, like Zangief’s Ultra I or Tagers Genesic throw. I understand I have to buffer them first but can’t get them working for the life of me.

Anyone got any tips to help a guy out?

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Easiest way to do it when you’re just starting is to do a jump in and do the 720 when you’re in the air then land and hit the punchss.


I’ve been doing what Kelter says, and it does get easy to do a 360/720 naturally. Started tying it in with combos yesterday (doing the motion during another move) and hope to see the same results.


Why would you combo a command grab? If your opponent is in hit or blockstun, the grab will whiff. I don’t see the point of comboing it.


I think it’s a figure of speech.

He is probably talking about tick throw.


tick throw, man…

I do cr jab to SPD a lot with Seth


More than likely that’s what I meant, was trying to be motivational more than anything lol


Spin the stick faster.

Or, make sure you don’t have wasted motion doing the 720. Make sure you’re doing the exact motion needed (like a 360 in SSF4 only needs like 245 degrees or something).


Thanks all, I can now pull them off semi-regularly so I guess it’s just a case of practice now?

My main problem seems to be hitting the top row in the 360’s I seem to end up going right, down-right, down, down-left, left, right

Has anyone got any tips to help me hit a 360 motion more regularly?




Haha, thought that would be it. Ah well no harm in asking eh?

Thanks for the help all again. =]


Move the stick all the way around, slowly. Feel each microswitch as you pass over it and then move on to the next one. Do this a few times and pay attention to where the stick and your hand has to be to activate each switch.

Then practice this motion over and over until it becomes comfortable to do.


Does anybody know how to execute a walking 720 like this one [media=youtube]JgAi-nIQibU#t=2m40s[/media]?


buffer during a whiffed normal (you’ll notice he does a crouch kick) then end the motion on a forward so you can take a step before you push the punchs and activate the ultra

at least that’s how I understood it


or buffer one 360 ending with forward, walk a lil, then do the next 360 going down, then back, then up+PPP


im learning gief here and while i can do tiger shots all day the 360 motions owns my wrist. guess i’ll get use to it as my mussels adapt tho :slight_smile:


360s: Practice, that’s all there is to it. You have to do the motion fairly fast to not jump, and you only have to do a 245 degree motion (I do 270 because BB requires 270 and I like to try and keep the motions in both games as close as possible).

720s: Don’t even try them until you can accurately do the 360 motion. Once you can consistently 360, start doing 720s by jumping and doing the motion in the air. Again, you only have to do a full 360 + a 245 degree motion (and again I do 270), so 605 degrees lol, or 630 depending on which way you’d like to do it. You can eventually learn to do it on the ground but really the only way to do it standing is to buffer it in a jab/short (you can actually do a walking 720 this way, start and end the first 360 on forward, then when you’re ready to finish it do the other 360, but you can’t let go of forward before doing the other 360 or you lose it). It’s possible to do a standing 720 WITHOUT buffering in a normal, but it’s like physically impossible I’ve only heard of one person who can do it.


Something that might help with the visualization: When I’m playing Zangief and knocked down, I’m in a really good spot to do Siberian Blizzard (Ultra 2). While grounded, I start from back, make a full circle, continue to forward, and at that point the direction is entirely up to me once I’m up. I can end in any one of the 3 up directions to determine the angle at which I jump and they’re all valid. Although 1.5 circles is invalid, anything beyond that will work.


:hcb::ub::p: and :hcf::uf::p: are valid and make it really easy to do while standing.

As for people wanting tips on 720’s:

After you can jump in 720 consistently try dash 720, which gives you less time so is a bit harder (though means you can then focus attack > ultra), then attempt to buffer the 720 in to a slower normal, then you can work you way up to doing jab 720’s, and once that’s consistent try holding the stick forward for a little at the end and then hit :3p: and you’ll be doing walking 720’s. Just fyi standing 720’s have been taken out of super I’m informed (they were possible in vanilla), so don’t waste your time practising them.


Well Vangief clearly still does them