Need help with a combo!

C.fp cancel to rh legs

woops hit sumbit.

Basically, I can’t get the rh legs to come out in time. I THOUGHT i was good at pianoing but i just can’t do it for the life of me. I can get ex legs out but it doesn’t work for just roundhouse. Trying to link it with forward legs.

If you want to piano… the ways that have worked for me are:

HP+MK HP+MK LK~MK~HK Tapping HP+MKx2 super fast is key to getting the cancel.

HP+MK HK~MK~LK HK This one I think is a little harder, but you definitely will not get ex legs from it.

Or you could slide your finger from HP~HK~MK~LK~MK~HK, which is super easy.

Oh wow, how did I end up posting here… someone would have happily answered in the Q&A thread. :o

my bad

Normally this is how people slide with their finger with any sort of cloth, but I do it like that normally. I slide my ring finger down from fierce to roundhouse :hp::hk::mk::lp::mk::hk: (Mash :hk: once you’re consistent) Sometimes I’m consistent and sometimes I’m not, I guess that’s just me or something.