Need Help with a Dan Cosplay I'm doing

I didn’t know where to put this either in GD or here in IMM But I figured here would be more appropriate since I can use pics as references.

I’m going to be doing a Dan Cosplay cause Dan is the fucking man, but anyways to the point.

I have NO idea on where to get the GI. As far as I know they only make Pink GI’s in womens sizes so I need a mens white GI that looks like his (I don’t know what type of GI he uses and I want this to look as good as possible.) that I can dye pink. I can take care of the undershirt, I think it’s black or Navy Blue but I’m going with black. I’m sure I can find the long Brown wig for his hair, but the gloves I’m not sure which type to go with. Does he wear just regular Black Sparring gloves?

I need a few reference pictures for this please. I can’t find any decent ones. I need a full view front and back and sides so I don’t miss any patches or anything.

Thanks SRK!

Is that really how Sagat got his busted eye? Learn something random every day!

Just dress like Steven Siegel.

They sell some others, but this one is a reasonable price and is heavy enough not to look like crap:

Fade out a red Ken gi and wear a black shirt underneath it.
If you look anything like steven seagal, your golden.

unleash the saikyo beast.

Get a white gi and 1 pack of red liquid dye (1 dollar at walmart usually). Use the boiling water method from the instructions of the dye. An entire gi and only 1 pack will not give you a red gi, you’re guaranteed to get pink from it.

Most sporting goods places carry generic sparring gloves. They’re padded, fingerless and look just about like the ones they wear in the game, except for the large pad that covers the back of the hand. This should work fine. You’re probably looking at spending 10-15 bucks on them.

For the gi just hit up ebay if you have time. I got a white heavy duty one for 20 I believe. I wouldn’t pay over 50 for a gi. It should be pretty easy to find one.

Sweet thanks guys!