Need help with a dual mod on a TE

I just finished doing a dual mod using a paewong pcb on a ps3 TE and need some assistance on trying to get the home and turbo button working with the mod. I rewired the original usb wire to the paewong and soldered 3 wires from the original pcb to the paewong (home, turbo, and ground). When I plug the stick into a pc button 13 is getting pulled constantly. Is there any way to get these two buttons to work with my mod? Thanks

Connect VCC of Paewang to VCC of TE PCB.

That means, solder where the red USB wire of Paewang is to red USB wire of TE PCB.

Its a no go sir. Is there anything else I have to do or am I overlooking something?

Check your soldering around button 13. I believe that’s Home/guide, if memory serves me right. You might have a short between ground and that button, which causes it to always be held down. Make sure no wires are touching, and all of the soldering is clean.

Lol had the switch on the pcb to close now it works. Thanks nerrage!!