Need help with a MAS stick

after 2 years of faithful service the plastic on the top panel on my mas stick suddenly came off and i’m clueless as what kind of plastic was the one originally used by MAS and where i can purchase it

Anyone knows?
Any help will be much appreciated

Have you called Mas?

Post a photo

sorry i dont have any pics

maybe i wasnt specific in my first post but by “plastic” i actualy just meant the “artwork” that’s kind of glued to the board

those who own a MAS should know what i’m talking about

Can you just glue it back on? If you need to replace you can either print out your own artwork or call MAS and see if they can send you another one.

Mine has not come off but I know what your talking about. Some sort of Sticker/Laminate right?

I would call MAS. He’s real good about fixing/upgrades except you would have to pay the shipping. Im sure he would tell you what you could do.

wood glue should work

I’ll call him tomorrow
Thanks for the info much appreciated

is his number 714 839 9770 and is he easy to get a hold of?
i was told it’s quite hard to get a hold of him

Hey, I took a close look at mine and its starting to come off as well. Looks like it was a decal or something. Im not sure If your getting that back on. I may build a whole new top of my MAS. If he doesnt glue the box I might even replace the top board and do a different button lay out with a thin sheet of Lexan.