Need help with a Multi-Platform mod!

Well gentlemen, I’m ordering a stick from Arcade in A Box. Thing is, I don’t want to pay up the butt to have it work on a 360 and PS3. My uncle and I are looking to wire it ourselves. Does anyone know how it works? Or hell, if you’ve got a link to instructions, that’d be awesome! I’d rather it use a switch like the one’s AIAB have. Thanks much guys!

Depending on which System you buy from AIAB, you will install a Cthulhu or Mad Catz #4716.
Or if you are buying without System, then you will use both those PCB I typed.

You can follow this.

Ignore the Imp section.
Ignore the RJ-45 section.

I have a new pic I made today (not the one I posted yesterday) with full wiring with ChImp and Madcatz 360 PCB:
Please note that it is very high res, so download it and resize it if you want (I make them big because some people want to see the small things on the pcb´s).

If you want one with MCC PCB I will make one soon.