Need help with a poster!

Hello everyone!

I’d really REALLY like some help with creating a poster for our new 2d-fighting community in our town.

It’s called “Sundsvalls Slagsmlsklubb” or “SSK” but I guess I will write all the text since it’s gonna be in Swedish.

What I need is a cool background image in A3 (or bigger) format that I can use for the posters that we will print.

If any kind soul would undertake this mission, I’d like it if: Vega(claw), Ken, Juri and Dudley would be in the picture. I really like the Dudley picture in the Evo2010-banner, but there are other cool ones as well!

Also if you have any nice ideas for fonts or styles on the text, that would be awesome.

I’m willing to pay $30 on paypal if someone with a professional background would want to do this.