Need Help With A (Simple) Auto Macro Issue


Hello people. I didn’t see an Macro Program or Scripted Combo type thread so I thought I’d ask this really simple question here.

I’m trying to get the program Auto Macro to make player 1 briefly duck down and then take a screenshot, but program gives me a “zero frame” error every time I add in the “printscreen” hotkey to the script. Can anyone point out what I’m doing wrong or, better yet, give me the proper code to carry out this simple function?

This is what happens:

# Duck then Screenshot

! end of script

Loading sample.mis…
Error: Macro is zero frames long


Is your macro.ini set up properly?


I have no idea. I thought I understood what I was doing and got all the directions and buttons in the game working just fine, but when I add the “printscreen” hotkey to the line it gives me the error.

They list all of the recognizable hotkeys at the bottom of the tutorial. The say that you can add them to the line as long as the key is in quotations and followed by at least one frame of progression (a period .) before ending the script. This didn’t work and I didn’t find an example line of code for this in the tutoiral to copy from.

Oh and I guess that I should mention that this specific Auto Macro program comes is tailored for fighting games and is based off of MacroLUA.