Need Help with a stick motion


So I recently bought the Madcatz mvc3 TE stick (square gate) and I love it. I’ve been spending countless hours in training modes learning to use it, and after 3 weeks I feel pretty consistent, except when it comes to the “Z” motion (Right/Down/Down-Right, or vice versa). Does anyone have any tips on how to practice the motion and get better at executing it? Besides the obvious answer to just keep at it. I just feel like I’m missing something. Thanks!


You can try thinking of it as pressing forward, then doing a fireball. Other than that just slow it down and practice until you can do it consistently.


press forward, let the stick go back to neutral, then down to down-forward.


Short answer: you haven’t used the stick long enough, evidently.
Long answer: don’t think about it as a Z. Just think about the three inputs you need to hit (6,2,3) and work it out (slowly at first) how to hit said directions without hitting anything else.


Best to think about it as a C motion, starting with forward. Also, always, always, end in the corner. You’re on a square gate, take advantage of it.


This was basically how I learned it. I doubt you push the stick into the absolute corner anyway when doing fireballs. This should help you learn to “float” the corners. Either that or you can do the SRK shortcut of 323.


I had problems with the dragon punch motion for a long time (months, easily) when I started out with a stick. I was always doing stuff like 61236 and 64123 until I stopped slamming the stick into the restrictor plate any time I wanted to do anything. Incidentally, does the 323 motion work in MvC3? I was under the impression that none of the SF4 shortcuts worked. (that shortcut was probably the biggest reason why it took so long for me to learn how to do the motion)


I forgot this was for MVC3. I can’t really say since I don’t have the game. Might as well try it out.


No, MvC3 does not have SF4-style DP shortcuts. Input: :dp:


Check out the stickies in the newbie forum. Tech talk isn’t for execution questions.


Thanks everyone for the advice I really appreciate it and it’s already helping!

@starcade RIP you’re right I apologize. I’m just new to the fighting game scene and the shoryuken forums. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I also just checked out your long sticky about execution in the newbie section. I feel stupid for overlooking such an awesome article before posting this. Good stuff man.


id say dont learn that shortcut… your only doing your self hurt if you go from learning that only to another game where that doesnt work…


I’ve always used an octogonal gate and got over that hump within my first day. I’m getting a square gate sometime soon though, so is it really that much more difficult on a square gate? .__.