Need help with a template/artwork

anyonw is willing to make an artwork with this pic?

with this template:

The final artowrk must be 1024x768 ^^ , all buttons are sanwa, the small one will be red and the six on the left will be 4 (snk style) white and the others 2 red (the last two in the down row)…balltop white or red,got both.

about the artwork i really dunno what to make :frowning: i like those two marvel characters the most…i like blood (not too much of course) but i’m not that good at customize artowrk :lame: so if you guys can help… if the u got more pic with carnage & venom together will be fine too…

hope u can make something good out of that …THANK YOU

The template image is pretty poor (actually slanted and a weird size, lol). So, if you’re being super exact, not sure how well it’d fit. I just put it over the image and “cutout” where the holes would be, if it were straight. You may have to do the same procedure in real life. Place noncut image on the stick, trace the holes, and cut.

Nonetheless, not sure what you wanted, but I’d go with something like this:

You can see where the button placement should be, but again, not exact, so there’s the full image for custom cutting. Also, just about anything can be moved and changed = p.

Anywho, here’s the exact stuff, I could make:

nice!!! i really like it! i will print a draft copy so i can see if it fits the layout and the colors scheme correctly!
Thx again really appreciated !