Need help with AA ultra

wat are the exact commands for doing cr. mk cancelled into ultra as an AA? ive got the timing down for the cr. mk so that the opponent whiffs the jump in attack, but i cant get the ultra out faster than they can sweep.

the times i do manage to pull it off, the command i use is 1+mk+lp -> 4+lp, lk+hp. this works less than a quarter of the time. i would like to know a command that will give me more consistant results. thanks for ur help

I use this:


I use this:

:db: + :lp: + :mk:

:db: + :lp: + :mk:

:ub: + :lk: + :lp: + :mp: + :hp:

:db: + :lp: + :hk:

:db: + :lp: + :hk:

:ub: + :lk: + :hp:

for me

You’re right, I do actually go to :ub:, thanks for reminding me.

Out of curiousity, why do you guys use the up-back motion as opposed to just going from downback to back?

It’s to make sure that the back input registers, down/back to back isn’t much of a movement, and thus there is room for error.


If you ever manage to catch input recording on a time you failed an ultra, I can almost guarantee it is because you accidentally did ‘b’ after LK+HP or before your second jab. I.e. out of order. By moving from d/b to u/b you are input two backs (‘b’ and ‘u/b’ in succession), minimizing the chance of this happening.

I use this:

(as command display would show)


Basicly just a regular Tsuji Demon with HK and Jab together on the first input.

Really simple and quick. :wgrin:

More power to you if you can do it consistently :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, plinks from 2 buttons to 3 are not yet at 100%

It’s nicer when the HK is on a shoulder button, see. All the thumb and hand positions and movements are the same as the usual Tsuji Demon, just get that R2 trigger down at the same time as the LP~MP press (one press, with the thumb between Square and Triangle, more on Square and just grazing Triangle to get that Plinked input) and it’s sorted in two movements.

I’m still getting used to it since starting, so it ain’t completly down yet but it’s developing and straight forward to use. Sometimes when you get it wrong (eg. with the HK timing) you’ll get a cr.LP or cr.MP Tsuji Demon to bail you out instead, so it’s all quite convenient for pad use.

So glad cr.HK turned out a worthy replacement to the poppular cr.MK buffer.

After thinking and playing around with how to buffer cr mk to ultra with some efficacy on pad, i came up with a semi viable solution. When you hold hk down, 3k will = mk. So a good way to do it on pad is to hold hk, then press cr 3k (mk) + lp * 2 then the rest of the ultra, that way you can simultaneously press mk + lp. So yeh could be semi viable if you anticipate and hold down hk for jump happy players. And its not hard to quickly let go and press hk if you do require a sweep. Of course there are quite a few permutations (plinking and what not) you can incorporate into this method, so tailor it to your own preferences.

thanks for the input tips! tagging to rep later when i have 500 posts so u dont get neutral rep

so u suggest using cr. hk instead of cr. mk to buffer the input? this seems like a better idea than using the cr. mk as long as the cr. hk makes them whiff their jump in attack.

thanks everyone for the help. i think this is the only thread i created where no one has talked shit to me. lol. i guess i finally asked an appropriate question.

time to go test out the suggestions.

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there u go! i was starting to think i was in the wrong forum. lol

i cant seem to get the cr. hk buffer to whiff the jump in attack (probably timing it wrong or something), but i finally got the cr. mk one to work consistantly, which was what i wanted to learn in the first place. yes! time to pwn face mutha fuckas! thanks everyone for the help

is the cr.HK suppose to come out?

Yeah that’s the point, it lowers your hitbox so you won’t be hit by the jump-in attack.

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