Need Help with Adon match up

Hi, I’m a Bison player and I need help with the Adon match up. When I play against Adon I don’t last long because I don’t know what to do when he starts pressuring with jaguar tooth. My PSN is VCFan1001 if your willing to help me out add me on the PSN thanks.

Hey VCFan!
I know a pretty good Adon player, send 'CollosalJoe" a message I’m sure he’ll hit you up.
Has pretty good Sagat too, those are his two mains. Just tell him ray sent ya!

Jaguar tooth (the off-the-wall dive)?

LOL just mash st.HK or do an Ultra.

Thanks ill msg him as soon as i get home.

not the one when he goes off the wall the one when he flips and kicks you its an overhead attack

thats jaguar kick. pressure from that can be a royal pain, especially if they mix in airjks

I was under the impression that bisons could beat it out though? also if he does a mk.jk he is neutral on block. Scissor kicks also come out faster than jk’s too I believe, so if you keep pressure on him he wont get one out, just be careful of a reversal rj :wink:

I believe Bison jumps pretty high with his neutral jump so that could be a solution, making the jk whiff will cost him dearly as Adon takes ages to recover from whiff. anyway im sure someone else knows better stuff :smiley: