Need help with art please help

right basically i am thinking of buying a se or te stick either one i would like to mod the art on it can someone please help me with art work im not good at using adobe etc, i would really appreciate anyone who can help, i use ken… if someone can make me art that would be AWESOME!, and if someone can provide thier ideas for good ken art already made by others that would be really awesome too…Thanks guys for all your help

They have a great amount of artwork that you can start as a base and modify how you like with adobe etc. While I understand not being skilled with these programs, you should at least make an effort of changing graphics to your personal liking. My avatar is a perfect example. Grabbed it on pixiv, but modified it. They have a vast amount of artists.

By the way if you don’t know Japanese you can register using google translate. That’s what I did. Great resource.

Please use the imagine mishmash section for art requests. This thread is a good place to start looking:

The Newbie Dojo is for gameplay questions. Thanks.