Need help with avatar I made


whenever i try to use the url it says the file is too big. does anyone here know how to make files smaller? Id really appreciate some help. my avi


make it under 20kb by losing some color, frames etc


Yeah its just over 21kb
That and I think SRK is still having animated avatar problems.


cool, thanks guys ^-^


what are you using? paint? if you’re saving it as a bmp file(each frame) then thats your problem. It should NOT go over 21kb with only like. 5 frames, and only a couple colors on the pallete.


Im using the newest version of flash


i unno man, im just saying. that, 21 kb? no way,.



Poor Ken. :sad:


now it says I cant upload animated images, what up with that?


crap guess Ill have to “kodak moment” the bitch


SRK is being retarded for just a sec.