Need help with basics / I am complaining


I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me. I think I’m just now finding out that I am retarded or have a learning disability or something, because I just can’t do anything.

Is there anyone out there who can just add me on PSN and teach me things?

At the very least, can someone tell how I find out what it is I’m doing wrong? I don’t have any clue as to how to find what my bad habits are (apart from "I got hit when I did that, guess I won’t do it anymore) because I’m stuck in scrub hell (500 PP and below) and if I ask opponents afterwards, I get things like “lolidk” or “u suk noob”.

Are there things like online study groups on this forum?
I know there are match critique threads, but I have no way of uploading a replay apart from saving it to my HDD and then inviting someone into a replay room to watch it. I don’t have a capture card. I don’t even have a regular camera to just stick in front of my TV.

I don’t know, right now it just seems like I won’t be able to get any better without someone holding my hand, and its really frustrating.

tl;dr How do I learn how to get better by myself? / Is there some kind of mentor program?


Add me on psn



It just takes a really long time without someone better than you to regularly play with offline. I know this because I was exactly where you are two years ago. San Diego has an awesome SF scene, so you really should take advantage of it and make it out to casuals and tournaments, but if you can’t make it out much, like me, then you really just have to grind it out. Pick a main, watch match videos, and for a little while anyway, copy them. Eventually you will understand more about why players do what they do in those videos, but that really comes more with experience than anything. It all comes with experience, really. Just play as much as you can, don’t spend an inordinate amount of time in Training Mode either. Remember that the great players of yesteryear didn’t have training mode. You really learn by just playing and identifying your mistakes. I’m still a scrub, but I feel as though I can at least hang in there with most anyone now, for the most part as I’ve never really been able to do the offline thing that much, but I’ve heard that if you can do that you can improve that much faster if you can play offline regularly. It takes a lot of work, stick with it, and most importantly never quit. You will feel like quitting, but just keep going.


Hey, watch this video series it will help you I think. This video is specifically about zoning, I think part two deals with something else; it should be linked on the right.



Yeah without a video there’s not much we can do for you. The order of bad habits I usually notice (I play every day in the arcade so I see a lot of varying skill levels) starting from worst to less worse (and for example if you have the first bad habit on the list you probably have all the following bad habits as well) is usually like:

-Jumps non-stop into anti-airs because they have no clue how to close distance, zone, or footsie

-Jumps a bit less but if you just sit there and wait they will eventually still jump straight into your anti-air

-Reversals wayyyy too much, basically you can win by blocking after almost every knockdown or reset

-ALWAYS pressing buttons, you can do something like jab jab, walk back, sweep and it will catch them pretty much every time.

-Never tick throws or uses real mixup, just jumps in and does the same blockstring over and over (i.e. no chance of actually hitting you, you just block and you’re fine)

-Will usually not jump into you or do mashy reversals unless you corner them and they get frustrated

-Will allow you to just push them into the corner every single round because they can’t footsie or zone at all (this also means they have no awareness of spacing because if they did they would realize they are losing in large part because they are in the corner every round)

-Bad reaction time on punish opportunities, often will just throw or sweep when they block a DP instead of doing a max damage two in one type punish

-Blockstrings have more variety but they generally just have like one or two setups for a tick throw that they do over and over, you can just crouch tech all day and you’ll be fine.

I could keep going but based on what you said I doubt you’re this far yet. Another really really bad habit that I can’t put on the list because this habit lasts way longer for some people is almost never blocking on wakeup and almost always doing SOMETHING. Like if they are Chun Li they will never just block, they will always backdash, always jump out, always EX SBK etc. This habit is especially prevalent because of the large reversal window in SF4 making meaties often not worth it, so many players don’t get punished for it properly and develop it as a bad crutch. As soon as you play someone who really knows what they are doing they will tear you apart when they notice you doing this though.