Need help with Basics

So i use the team : Viper, Wolvie, Doom… Viper burning kick, Wolvie with Berserker Charge, and doom with plasma…

I practice all the combo’s and have them down pretty well…
But my main problem is, i cant seem to just open up the enemy , honestly i don’t know how…
I end up just blocking and being scared and lose to an over head or low i should of blocked… Every time i try to be offensive i get stopped… Any tips on how to actually open up on the opponent?

Viper takes a lot of time and practice to reliably open people up with. i’m still new to Viper, so someone who’s been playing her longer would be better to tell you what to do there.

otherwise, with Wolverine, just keep up the offensive and don’t give your opponent time to breathe. once you let them get away you’ll have to work extra hard to get back in, so don’t give them any chance to clear distance.

with Doom, FOOT DIVE

Yeah, most of my problem is with viper… I got the wolvie rush down, and the foot dive going for me…

But i cant keep a loop with Doom when not in a corner… After the air S to end the air combo, i dont know how to land closer to the target, which i always see other people do. im always a full screen away or more than 1 dash away.

I’m not sure exactly what Doom combo you’re doing but after an air S midscreen, cancel to downforward airdash and immediately hit some normal to speed up Doom’s fall to the ground…or you can just mash df+2P which does the same thing. After landing, tridash once and you can land OTG stand M pretty easy, or stand H if you’re fast enough.

I’m not sure how you actually pressure to see what issues you have with opening people up…do you use frametraps and ground dashing (especially with wolverine) to keep up pressure? divekicks help too…also you’re probably not using your assists well enough to give you openings, though you don’t have to.

after the air S you need to air dash down forward and press air medium to keep going to the ground. after that you need to do a quick tridash
Edit: what Emil said. It’s pretty difficult at first so keep practicing it and you’ll eventually get it.