Need help with Bison vs Cammy,Vega Sagat, Nako



Need help again Vega, Cammy, Nakoruru and Sagat.


Vega - Most smart players wont let me mp them in the air —> CC, and they just usually sit and d+FP when I jump in, throw me when I do lk scissors, poke to keep me out of range, does cross up dives when i sit back and wait for them to attack.

Cammy - Runs up and FP, FK me all day or throw if I try to block the fp,fk assaults. Also does cannon drills then a cannon spike - can this be stopped? Ill try to d+mk but I get cannon spiked. Other times I block waiting for the cannon spike so I can pc or a CC but they I either get thrown or they go back to FP,FK.

Nako - cross up lk,d+lkx2, d+fk to me all day. I cant jump mp them out of this and s.fp or d.fp doesnt seem to aa the jumpin lk. If i jump in they d+hp or call the bird. How can you counter the cross up lk (other than activate through it).

Sagat - tiger uppercut if i jump in, tiger shots me while im away, d+fp beats my poking d.lp,lk,mks. IF they play up close, I cant get him off of me with that walk forward , lp, lp… or walk foward, etc. Can bison do anything against that walk up poke stuff?

Thanks, these four give me mad trouble