Need help with blanka

I register today but i have loooooooong time reading the forums but anyway ive been main with zangief since i bought it like a month ago and i have yet to win a blanka , currently in G2 over xbox live and i find these match along with honda the hardest for me everything i do always i eat that ball and i dont think its worth to try and time the ball with lariat , same with honda but atleadt with honda i dont fear of hes wake up games all i need is a knockdown and i can fuck him very hard.

anyway guys im hope you can help me out and thanks in advance :karate:

i read that while ago but still having trouble , i can punish horizontal ball in occasions but the thing is most blankas on xbox live just corner then self at the moment the match start and will spam the damm ball whole match , wont even bother to do any other move , cant even build meter cause seriusly if i try to do kkk lariat cause of the little lag i will eat ball before i can block same for ppp lariat , if i jump i will eat ball before i can block , basically its very fucked situation , i have win sometimes when i knock then out as soon the match start and dont let then move but damm.

Just turtle. Stay in crouching block and punish their bullshit.

seriously dont worry about the chip from the ball. Then when they do a fast ball from full screen punish with PPP lariet. If they do a fast ball from close just eat the chip and they will try and switch it up. When they jump in punish with crouching PPP lariet and then ex green hand if it trades. Whach out for short balls and work on your recation time if they do do a short ball spam short or just get ready to tech a throw.

Dont do random lariets to get more meter ever. If they slide just block it and hit them with a MK then crouch block.

I also bet you eat alot of ultras. If blanka lands his ultra he wins for the most part. learn the ultra range and how to bait it. get in close after a knock down and hope they do ultra blcok it and then crouching med kick to ultra or SPD. If they try and land a ultra on your wake up just block back and you should be fine its a trick crappy blankas use.

U shouldnt have to jump in on shitty blankas they will alternate between ball and jumping in. Dont worry about jumping in when you knock them down. After you knock them down get in just out of electricity range and wait in crouching block if they do electricity sweep them if they do up ball punish with ex green hand.
To beat shitty blankas never jump in and just learn to punish all the special moves and dont worry about chip damage.

So pretty much just turtle and you will be fine vs online blankas. I can beat 3-4k BP blankas no prob doing this on XBL in ranked and G1/GS level blankas.

What bp said. blankas will play lame against you so play lame against them. Try to keep at a distance where you can see their balls coming and lariat. Try to jump in with the boot when they are not expecting it. I also like to walk forward to bait a ball then jump backwards in anticipation so they land in front of me and I SPD. You can’t do this all the time because they will do the diagonal ball and hit you instead.

Here is a video of me vs a blanka in a recent tournament - I played him in Paris and he plays the matchup quite lame, so I had to adjust to that and the fight was goofy. I decided not to punish balls with GH because I like to land super, but it’s good practice to actually GH most of the time.


Here are some friends of mine, Yota (much better gief) and DBUK (much better blanka) - [media=youtube]KAGt_wAnHm8[/media]

Well right now i dont have lot of problem wit honda anymore , mostly rush him down as soon match start same with blanka just taking the usual precautions , also doing the jump backwards stuff it really works , anyway people thanks for the tips

For some reason, if Blanka moves foward at ALL, I feel inclined to do a headbutt, more often than not the results are good, but its a hair trigger thing based on him losing charge…the heabutt does very well against his nromals.

For Blankas that tend to turtle, I just scare them…I play an aggresive bulldog style - watching for that dumb ass 5 second slide of his…just walk foward and block, don’t try anything fancy to counter moves, just slowly push him into the corner. The blankas that purely turtle get eaen alive at that point…just think of it as a boxing fight, you understand how fast he is and how maneuverable he is, the onyl way to land your attacks, is to section off the ring to cut down the number of options he has. if all he can do is the slow as rainbow roll to get out, let him waste the meter or do the retard slow one that you can counter fairly easily. If he t ri to jump out, lariat or headbutt. Becareful if he’s charging down though, that vertball is QUICK and short of practicing karawalk foward hand - its very difficult to punish hard.

And for shits and giggle, if he does the elec stuff, remember that you can EX SPD right thru it.

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You can jab SPD electric (non ex-electric) which is a lot safer than moving in for the range you need on ex-spd. Otherwise better off doing ex-gh assuming you do it on reaction to where the electricity won’t end before the gh comes out.