Need help with booting my computer

Well, heres the thing.

I have a Dell Inspiron 531S XP Edition.
For some reason it wont let me boot into the windows screen with the start menu and such.

I went on to the dell site to see if they had any thing on this.
Maybe I didn’t look in the right spot, but I did not find anything.
Just links leading to other links.

Does anyone have a clue on what to do.

Need help, please.

what does it boot to?? Any error messages??

I turn on the computer.
Put in my password.
then in a blink, it logs in, then logs out.

Any Ideas?

possible virus. try booting in safe mode.

I did the Safe Mode already.
But even in this mode, it logs me out as soon as I get in.

I did the steps on these sites here.

But still nothing.

Boot an ubuntu live cd (linux operating system that will start up) and see if its a hardware problem. Ubuntu cds have a RAM tester built in, and every hard drive manufacturer has their own diagnostic program.

sounds like a windows install that was never activated

rice, you could be right.
I am going to check all the install CD’s
Readleader, do you have a link to this CD?

here you go.

all man, all you really have to do is the following: non destructive restore.
what you do is the following. just use you original system recovery disks. boot into bios which of course dell computers will how to do so when you turn it on if you pay attention unless your blind. after wards, change your boot settings to cd. boot into the recovery cd choose the repair function, it will take you to the c prompt. first check you hdd make sure there’s nothing wrong w/them obviously by doing the following command which hopefully you’re familiar with —>> chkdsk once that’s done do a non destructive restore of the system to overwrite any corrupted or missing files by doing the following command —>>> chkdsk r push enter & let it do its job. once that’s done, boot back into bios change you boot ssttings back to hdd 1st then f10 to save & exit otherwise (iirc, forget unless it was only hp but check nonetheless) you could use dells proprietary hdd self diags test to check the hdd as well just to be on the safe side let that check it for & once done escape out of bios, boot to windows normally & you’re set. save you time from using ubuntu although i would recommend you have it regardless as a useful tool. once that’s all set you’re ready to download your tranny porn once again. good times. have fun. rookies i tell ya :smile:


when you login does it ask you to activate windows if it does press yes and then press the windows button next to alt now press windows + u then a text should pop up and you will see a link to a microsoft site and after that look for a activation hack