Need help with buffer

Recently I have heard the term BUFFER in SFIV… but I actually don’t know how does it work or how can I perform it…
So I was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem…
either teaching me how to do the buffer or telling what’s it for.

Hope u can help me

PEACE :slight_smile:

PS. I post this on the Akuma section because he’s my character of choice

Buffering is just performing parts or all of the input while the animation of something else is happening.

For example, the typical anti-air demon is buffered into c.MK, for me to buffer that I do the following:

:db: + :lp: + :mk:

This first input gives me the crouching medium kick.

:db: + :lp: + :mk:

I input a second because the demon requires two jabs.

:ub: + :lk: + :hp:
The final three inputs (back, lk, hp) can be combined into one. this is that.* At this point the demon will come out, preferably while the c.MK animation is still on-going. The same concept can be applied in slightly different ways, such as fireball canceling into super for Ryu. The first qcf+punch is the fireball, but counts towards the motion of the super, so at that point you need only one more qcf motion + another punch.

Another common demon buffer involves the demon flip palm strike:

:dp: + :k:

The demonflip itself.


You execute this while airborne, it is the palm strike.

:lp:, :r:, :lk:, :hp:
Immediately after I hit the jab for palm, I buffer the other four inputs while I’m still in the process of landing, timing it so that I land just as I hit HP, at which point the super is executed.*

Hope this answers your question.

I thought you can’t cancel into Ultra-demon. But you tell that the ultra-demon comes out while the c.MK animation is still on-going?
For me this interruption of the animation only works with Super demon.
Looking at your example the ultra demon should come out right as the c.MK animation ends. Right?

You can cancel from c.MK and c.HK into Ultra. It’s a great way to punish wiffed DPs or similar Ultras without hitting the opponent out of the air.

Edit: You can also Demoncancel a sweep for big damage, when the opponent tries to FA the sweep.

You can special cancel into SUPER and any normal attack cancel into SUPER/ULTRA.

I think…

You can cancel any normal into any demon even if whiffed. That’s the main advantage of Akuma’s ultra over other people’s ultras.


Akuma’s ultra is cool like that, in that you can cancel it out of any normal pretty much. Here goes the plug:


Very well done and a big THANKS for that!
I’ve seen them already but maybe I’m getting old cause I didn’t recognice that the animation interrupts already. :smiley: Now it’s clear.
I practiced yesterday evening and got the s.HK cancel into Ultra work really well and consistent.
With I’m always a little bit to slow so that it seems that the animation of the has finished. With this it’s the first time i get serious trouble while using a gamepad. I can’t hit mk&lp together with one thumb. First I’ll try to change key-assignement and if this doesn’t work I don’t get out of buying a stick.
To conclude, thanks again for the great tutorial. Must have been a lot of work and time u invested. That’s not to be taken for granted. :slight_smile:

I understand the concept, ive got T.E. stick and i find finger placement really difficult. it wud be good if u could expand on finger placement in another video and break/slow it right down cuz ur fingers move far too quickly 4 us 2 register shinobXTC’s video is really good cause he breaks it all the way down. dont get me wrong your videos are gr8 and are really helpful. but this topic needs expanding on and your the man to do it!

Maybe I’ve found my next video then. I’ll elaborate in video form on hand placement and techniques a bit. Not sure when I’ll get around to it but thanks for the interest.