Need Help With Buffering H Ruffian Kick > FADC > Ultra 1!

As the title states, I’m having a LOT of problems with FADCing into Ultra 1 with Cody. I try to buffer the first QCF for Ruffian kick, but it seems when I input the 2nd QCF right after the FADC, it comes out with an EX Criminal Upper or an EX Bad Stone. I have tried to do H Ruffian > FADC > QCFx2 Ultra 1, but the timing right after FADC and Ultra 1 is such a little space I can’t seem to do it in time. Can anyone please help me out? Would be GREATLY appreciated. Any video’s/tips on buffering moves would be great.

Thank you!

this topics pops up regulary. try to look it up via the search function, maybe u’ll find some help.

in short: it’s easy, but if you do it close you actually dash UNDER the opponent so you need to change the directions (QCB motion). but just space yourself or do it while the actual dash (buffer faster and it shouldnt matter really). there ain’t hidden secrets to it beside that. rest is mere execution.

Ok but this is what I’m currently doing;

Is this a buffable ultra? i’m kinda new to the game a bit when it comes down to the mechanics of ‘buffering’. Or am I going to have to do QCF HK > FA > DASH > QCF QCF PPP (this option showing the ultra isn’t buffable). Because if the Ruffian to U1 is buffable I’m going to keep practicing with that, because the QCFx2 is a little too fast for my hands right now (using a new fightstick I got for Christmas)

buffing mean you input the motion while doing another move. in this case you input QCF HK xx MP+MK, Forward, Forward (=Dash) QCF, QCF ~ PPP
you can buffer the 2x qcf while the dashe animation, hence the ultra will come out when you simply press PPP after the dash.

a little sidetip: many/most ppl tend to find it easier at first to play on the right side facing the left for most inputs.

The time between the input for the first QCF (ruffian) and canceling it into a dash and recovering is too long to buffer the ultra that way.

One way that helps that people don’t realize you can do is buffer the dash input.

qcf (HOLD forward), then just press mp+mk and forward once more. You were holding forward and then forward+mp+mk gets you a dash input. That way you don’t have to double tap then go for qcf qcf. You can do the qcfs pretty slow this way (and in general, really. don’t rush it).

There’s lots of ways to do the HK RK>FADC>U1, but basicly if you do it too close and you’re getting EX CU instead of ultra it means you dashed under (like zukuu said in his 1st reaction) your opponent and that messes with how the ultra motion should be entered.

Try cr.LP,cr.LP,cr.LKxxHK RK>FADC>U1 because that creates a bit of space between you and your opponent so you shouldn’t cross-under anymore.

I had this problem. Its all execution. You actually have more time than you think to dash ultra. I wanted 100% execution for my punishes to noob wake up ultra players online so I just went into training mode and did hk.rk fadc u1 across the screen then switch sidesand work my way back across from the other side. The first 20 mins or so it was hit and miss but then it was really easy. Just put a good hour at most with it and you’ll be smith with it.

The first 100 times I would dash and throw ex rocks but not any more :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a lot slower then people realize. None of cody’s combo’s require much speed in terms of execution cause the links are all heavily timing based and unmashable. If you do it too fast, your dash probably won’t come out and after the fadc, you’ll just end up swinging the wrench and getting killed as you whiff the focus attack. I actually had a lot of trouble with this combo until I realized it’s not really like SRK FADC which requires some speed in terms of the fadc but no speed in terms of the ultra execution.

Same thing goes with EX Zonk. You actually have to wait a split second cause EX zonk takes soo long to come out compared to most reversals like SRK or TU. Cody has a pretty average dash so take your time buffering U1. I remember at a NSB where Gonta missed EX Zonk FADC U1 like 3 times in a row cause he was doing it too fast.

yeah i currently have the same problem with hk rk fadc ultra 1. i used to get ex criminal uppercut and didnt understand why and now it makes sense why ex criminal uppercut or ex rocks comes out sometimes instead of ultra 1. its frustrating because ill do hkrk in a match and i would not execute the fadc u1. like zuku said its way easier to do it from the right side facing left. i guess that i just need to put the practice in the lab untill i can combo into it damn near 100% of the time facing both ways.

normally after fadc ( hk ruffian done too near ), if CU appears means u cross over to the other side.
what u guys can do is hk ruffian>fadc>QCB>QCF PPP
i used to have this problem too when i started to learn cody until someone in this forum said about the crossing over.

try doing it as slowly as possible. you can fadc out of his hk.ruffian pretty late. also, dont do the “crazy mashing flip out inputs” when you get nervous. i do it all the time. practice? i kno, annoying, but there isnt much too it. also, try taking it part by part. hk.ruffian > FADC etc.

if you can do ryus, then cody is not a problem. also, try doing QCF HK > QCFF, FADC > 3P. thats why i do without knowing it sometimes to buffer it. also, try not buffering it and just do it straight up if you kno what i mean

man just practice, slow at first than speed up, and a lot of repititions. One thing though, is you have to make sure you practice precise input. Eventually it gets embedded into your muscle memory. I took a break for like 3 months and when I touched super again I still naturally do it without thought. It was pretty crazy because I didn’t have to think about any of the processes involved. Instantaneous… just gotta practice.

practice i tend to think lp lp lk to hk rufian fadc is easer or a 2 in 1 to fadc but take small steps it doesnt come overnight

Does this really work? so it would be qcf HK, qcf f, mp+mk f, 3p?

I kinda doubt that. you can buffer inputs, but in this case you’d use the first qcf for the ruffian.

No reason that wouldn’t work i think, when you do QCF+HK(hold)QFC(release HK) you get HK ruffianxxHK super…no need to do a new 2xQFC because your first QFC was used to start a move AFAIK

This is incorrect. You are confusing super cancels with ultra inputs, which is apples and oranges.

The super cancel since SFIII has always been either qcf or b,f on top of the special you cancel off of for simplicities sake. So if you’re canceling a jab dash punch with balrog, it’s just b,f+p, b,f+p. But if you wanted to link an ultra which is theoretically impossible, but being used as an example, you’d have to do b,f+p, b, f, b, f+p.

So no, you cannot do QCF+HK, fadc, QCF+PPP to get ultra to come out. You have to do qcf+hk, fadc, qcf, qcf+PPP