Need help with cammy vs guy matchup



Does anyone have any information on setups vs guy or maybe some informative videos on this matchup…I tried the matchup thread but the guy links are both broken. Any help is appreciated thanks.


after backthrow, whiff then do, its unblockable. Also high HK divekick on his wakeup causes ex tatsu to whiff


Guy has a large upper-mid hitbox, so cr. hp > far. hp xx arrow is a pretty reliable punish off landing an EX CS, and cr. hp > far mp xx arrow will hit from very far away, so you can link it off a cr. lp easily or from a crossup EX CS that leaves you at a slight distance from him.


If im wrong about anything, ley me know.

If guy’s isnt max distance, punish with into arrow.

Cl.hp beats elbow drop.

F.hp beats/trades with elbow drop bait.

Safe jump with or after back throw works (at least for me it does).

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