Need help with cancelling standing normals into srk and hadouken motion attacks

Eh what up everyone,
As the title says, I need help with cancelling normals into srk or hadouken motion attacks (ie: Makoto’s s.HP>Hayate, Ryu’s s.HP>Shoryuken, or Sakura’s MK>LK shunpukyaku).
I have practiced the standing normal then quickly inputing the command for the hadouken motion special move. It works most of the time but the timing is too strict and I can’t pull off combo strings such as Sakura’s LK Shunpukyaku-normal strings. With Ryu I can’t pull off a s.HP>Shoryuken because I end up doing his Solar Plexus Strike when start inputting f>HP>d>df>HP (only the f+HP comes through of course). Is there any kind of input leniency or shortcut that I can implement when cancelling normals into srk-motion and hadouken-motion moves?

Any kind of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

No tricks really. You just have you quickly do the motion after doing the normal. Just keep practicing at it.