Need help with Cl.HP counter hit / meaty set up

I know a few, and have seen the notable setups such as dash twice after CU Cl.HP; Jab, Cl. HP (Bison)…but it seems that alot of times that I try to go for this set up, I get thrown out of it. Like if I cancel a CU and dash foward and Cl.HP on some of the cast I get thrown (because obviously they are teching the throw. What am I doing wrong and is this a timing issue? on training I heat the Meaty Cl.Hp after CU dash dash. Wondering if this is just because of online play. For example, sometimes after a back throw, I’ll hit a meaty J.Roundhouse I will go Cr. Jab, Cl.HP (and I get thrown 90% of the time), so maybe only works on bison unless he stand techs. If I add a second jab and attempt the Cl.HP, it is to far and it becomes Far St.HP. Like I said, maybe it’s character specific or I am just doing this all wrong. Thanks for constructive feedback and lets pray for Crack Kick airborne and buff =)

And by the way, if you know of any other easier, more practical counter hit set ups work often If you would like to share that would be great. Thanks in advance.

I’ve never tried that setup after CU but if it’s a true meaty you shouldn’t be thrown out of it I believe. You’re getting thrown out of the cr. jab to cl hp because cr. lp is only + 2 on block and cl hp has 8 frame startup so the opponent has 6 frames where they can throw you out of it.

Try this meaty setup, after ex zonk dash 2x and do a cl hp, the opponent has to quick rise in order for it to work. You’ll recognize the meaty because when it hits Cody’s hands will be up towards his head, you can link cr. hp after it or ultra etc. You can tell if it works if it comboes or not. Hope this helps.

Check out this vid, this is how it should look

Does Cody have frame advantage after doing a Criminal Upper --> Dash Up x2? It seems like sometimes I get meaty cr.LP’s and other times I just get jabbed out.

I believe the only meaty setup that is doable is a meaty jab after a CU dash dash. If you get hit it means you were not quick frame perfect. The meaty cl fp after CU dash dash it to catch people that learn to delay crouch tech to beat the meaty. Also CU FADC dash forward is -1 on block so that is why you can get thrown but once again it can catch people that delay tech.

In general you want to stick to 3 or less frame traps to not get throws. cr lp to cl hp is like a 6 frame gap so if you havent trained your opponent to not mash and delay tech (or you opponent doesnt know how to delay tech and they just mash) its not gonna work

Got it. Thanks guys I haven’t checked this post until now. I appreciate the feedback