Need Help with combo

I’ve tried to search for a thread about this couldn’t find one that helped so I’ll ask on here. To link crouching light kicks and light punches into the rekka’s seem to be really difficult for me. Could anyone give me some tips. I’ve watch vids of people doing the link but I still have a hard time. I did the trial with the cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. lk, cr. lp into the rakka’s but I did it on a fight stick and I dont have a fight stick anymore so I’m trying to learn it with a pad.

Doesn’t matter what you learn it on, and watching videos won’t help with the timing as most videos on youtube and such aren’t running at the native 60fps the game runs at. You won’t be able to spot the difference in speed between the chained lights and the linked ones.

First thing to do is work out which characters require you to hit confirm with crouch attacks rather than shifting from a st.jab to a cr.jab. Second thing to do is to realise that you have to link the last jab in your hit confirm rather than chain it. Only thing to work on here is your visual and audio cues (i.e, watching Fei Long’s animations) and drill it over and over.

I’ll explain in more detail. The vids that I watched were via replay channel where I can see the inputs and play it on slow motion to figure out when that person starts the motion to link the first rekka. I understand about link the lights but my only concern is how I can link the rekkas after two or more lights. I can link a rekka after doing one cr lp, but if I try to do more I can’t seem to do it.

to link the rekkas do cr.lp wait for 1 sec then cr.lp into rekka u have to wait for 1 sec or less after the second

theres a combo thread and a simple question thread stickied at the top of the page.

admit it. you didnt look at all did you?

If I didn’t I wouldn’t mentioned that I did look.
That thread only shows what the combos are but dont explain in detail that’s what I’m asking for. -_-

So I cut and pasted the link but for some reason says it’s broken. So just go to “Fei Long’s links and combos compendium (SSF4 Updated)” sticky that is in this fei forum.

The same question was asked a few days ago in this thread. If you have any more questions please ask them in the simple questions area, OR feel free to PM me, I’ll explain as best as I can. Also don’t forget the cr.lp > cr.lp > cr.lp > rekka is a one from link and requires you to link the last cr.lp from the previous to be able to cancel the last cr.lp into rekka. (all of this is gone over in more detail and explains some better options for a BnB in the thread that is posted above) Anyway feel free to PM me, hope this helps!

You’re not understanding the terminology. You don’t link the rekka after a cr lp. You cancel the lp into rekka. Since you’re probably not going to read a different thread…

This is what you’ve been trying to do:
Cr. lk (chain) cancel into cr. lp (special) cancel into rekka.
That doesn’t work because you can’t special cancel from a chain canceled move (at least in this case). A cancel is when you start a move before the other one is finished basically. Usually you can do this only during the freeze frames from hitting with the first move. (Not entirely true, but close enough)

So this is what you need to do:
Cr. lk link to cr. lp cancel into rekka.

The link means you must wait until the cr. lk is completely finished before you cr. lp. To get the timing down, I’d say practice standing lp., standing lp., cancel into rekka. It’s a much easier link and maybe you’ll understand once you can do that combo.

<Decided to delete my explanation, because PeterIvoryKing said it already>

But in a nutshell :,, st.lp (these are all chained hits)





I think you meant standing lp, crouching lp? Easier to execute the rekka from a crouching position as well. :slight_smile:

I meant standing, but standing lp to crouching lp has the same timing, so whatever. I guess so. I don’t like canceling crouching moves for some reason, so I don’t feel like it’s any easier.

in order to get a cr.lp > rekka, whatever youre doing before the cr.lp (which is usually a st. lp, cr. lp, or cr. lk) wait for fei to finish (his hand or leg to pull back) then execute the cr.lp > rekka. btw, thx to the ppl whove already answered this because ive asked this before on the combo thread.

Your right I didn’t use the correct term cause I’ve been confused about this lately. Some people say you have to wait for the animation to finish to do it and others says it’s a cancel. Hard to tell what it is when I get different info. I know what chains, links and cancels are.
Another comment about this combo do people use lp rekkas more than mp or hp?

I read your reply on that thread and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m not sure if it will help me cause I haven’t tried yet but it gave me thought about how I’m doing my cr lp. I guess chaining them and linking makes a difference when trying to cancel to the rekkas. I did look at that thread before but I did that weeks ago so when I decided to make this one I didn’t recheck that thread thinking that maybe it’s just me with the problem.
I understand that it’s a 1 frame link but the vids I’ve seen on the replays some guys do it more than three times during a fight like its’ the easiest thing. I have another comment about this, when I cancel into the rekkas I usually use the lp cause I use a 360 pad and the hp button feels so weird for me. Maybe it’s just my controller but thanks.

Awesome! glad I could help!
Well I haven’t seen the video’s you have, but most of us usually do > > st.lp > cr.lp >rekka
This combo works very well. One thing you should consider though usually doing two cr.lp’s will push the opponent back to far to connect with anything (sakura is a good example of this). Also the timing is sooooo much easier. The kicker is it only works on some of the cast which should be listed in first page of the combo thread. Also to answer your question, yes I always try to do HP rekkas from this BnB, you can start off with something that’s easier for you like lp or mp, but you should be transitioning to hp after the first hit, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t it’s more free damage right? Just keep practicing and you’ll get it! Also the question about the st.lp x2 > rekkas is good for a follow up from a CW, but as a punishment it is better to do cr.lp >rekka as st.lp will whiff on some people in the recovery stages of some moves.

Bottomline: Training Mode.

I can do the cr lk, cr lk, st lp, cr lp into the rekkas pretty easy now thanks to you. I still can’t do the trial one but I did all the trials already. I understand now what you meant that his cr lp pushes the opponent away which makes it hard. I can even do it with the hp which I have to add for some reason it’s easier to do than doing light rekkas. Thanks man!

You’re right and while I’m not saying making your own thread for this question is good, asking questions is a part of the process, and there is simply nothing wrong with it. Some people learn by self discovery, some learn by asking questions and then building off of those concepts. Both work in the same way… making you better!