Need help with combo!

I cant seem to pull this combo off

:r::hp: into hyperbomb
any tips?

You only get 1 frame to connect Hyper Bomb after the f+HP. Meaning you must have god like reflexes. Meaning it’s not worth doing. Meaning close :mk: :qcf::2p: is your friend.

It’s fun to mess around with in training mode…but you’ll just get owned trying it in a real fight. Especially considering how difficult it can be to get someone to be hit by f+HP to begin with.

Yea, that combo is useless.

Who did this combo work on again? NGBC’s taking most of the time SF III 3S had.

Should work on most characters. Maybe it’s character specific. I don’t know. It’s not even worth figuring out any ways cuz the combo is so useless to begin with.