Need help with combos in MVC2?

I am using Magneto, Wolverine, And Omega Red. I’m realtivly new at Marvel VS Capcom and I want to keep from getting owned online. So I see some gameplay videos and I see people doing insane combos and doing combos while in the air and such. The one question I wanted to ask is, What are some Basic combos for these characters? The only one I can really get some combos off with is Wolverine. I use LP, HK, Jump in the air after them and LP, LK, LP, HP. I don’t know anything besides that. I can’t do the same with Magneto because I don’t know how to use him. Anyone got any combos they use for these 3 characters that I can try? I’m willing to get good at this game. I don’t have a fight stick or anything, but I want to know combos I can do with just a controller.

There is an MvC2 forum with character subforums you realise? Perhaps go there and checkout the information.

^beat me to the punch.