Need help with configuring my D-link Dir-655 router with my PS3


So I recently purchased a D-link DIR-655 router along with comcast internet, before I was using crappy DSL and 802.11b router to play wirelessly on my ps3.

I thought the new router and the 100x faster internet service would make my gaming a lot better, but no, it’s even worse now. There are noticeable lag spikes every game and all my buttons are significantly delayed compared to when I had been using DSL, this is ridiculous and I want to know how to fix it.

I tried setting the PS3 to DMZ mode but that does nothing.


I hope this helps:

I had the same problem.

I had DSL and Belkin crap router…

THEN I switched to COMCAST and my DIR-655

I left everything default. I solved the problem by calling COMCAST about a billion times and having the guy check the lines.
Come to find out that the cable line going into the house already had a weak ass signal. After weeks of calling and complaining, they finally put a new tap on the pole and one dedicated line into my house.

You need to ask them to check:

  1. Signal strentgh into the house.
  2. You need a “homerun” line going into the house, preferably straight into the cable modem.
  3. Patience to keep calling them and complaining directly to a supervisor.

It is NOT your DIR-655, I have not changed the settings or upgraded the firmware since I had it. I have had good results from the DIR-655 after the cable signal problem was fixed. I never get dropped and have a very stable connection.

disclaimer: I’m not a networking expert, so I didnt fool around with the NAT settings or DMZ or anything…just installed it. If it’s not your cable signal strength, I dont know what it is, just trying to help.



Thanks, I’ll keep your answer to this problem in mind, but I don’t think my signal is weak since I’m getting top download speeds on my computer and games are running well, even wirelessly on my PC. But I will follow your advice as a last resort, thanks.


bump, if anyone knows how to configure a dir-655 router.


QoS on default settings putting ps3 on the lower ladder of traffic?

*** EDIT ***

I’m wrong. QoS doesn’t kick in unless you have congestion…

If you have congestion, turn off all the downloading, streaming and other crap.


You may have a double nat. Although, a double nat messes with everything that requires port fowarding. You said you can download and play games, but it’s still a possibility.

Edit: Also if you’re using wireless try changing the channel your wireless is using, it may be on the same channel as a phone in your house or something. Can cause wireless connections to go crazy sometimes.