Need help with controls


I don’t get the controls. On this wiki I don’t know what the controls mean.

Any help?


The A with the green background just means “attack”. That means you can substitute any of the main attack buttons in there, be it Light, Medium or Heavy. The S with the blue background means “special” and represents the Special button. The 2X thing is similar to attack, but it means 2 attack buttons instead of just one. The arrows represent directions with the control stick. For example, to perform Berserker Barrage, you have to start the control stick at the bottom, roll it to the right, and then press any attack button.


Not to be a dick, but there’s also a legend at the bottom of the page.




And that’s what I get for not scrolling all the way down. Sigh.


Yes I finally won a battle! YAY!


I forgot my PS Vita on an airplane today. FUCK ME!!! I AM SO FUCKING MAD!!! :@