Need help with crouch techs

sorry if this has been posted went through a couple of pages and couldnt find anything

but im having a real hard time crouch tech on ssf4 and its cost me alot of matches and its kinda frustrating and i can get all the time in training but i know when the throw is coming any suggestions?

Teching throws online can be a bit random. Can you describe the problem you’re having in a bit more detail? Do you hear the sound of your as you get thrown? What do your inputs show in the replays?

You might have to explain a little more than that. I’m a bit confused but all I can say is what Allen Iverson said like 20 thousand times. Practice, practice, practice.

Crouch teching seems to works pretty well in block strings, online shouldn’t factor at all as there is a 10 frame window, so if players can land 1-3 frame links often enough a 10 frame window should be trivial. Teching works but you can’t mash it out of it or hit it to early in the block string which is what most people seem to do as often times that is what many people do online and then the crouching light kick comes out or the tech just fails because they are still in block stun and then you get thrown. if something hits you are in block stun X frames then at +/- frame advantage and if you reversal that and your opponent is at negative frames you get thrown. You are trying to tech the throw so it needs to be delayed just a few frames after block stun and you have a full 10 frames that if your opponent throws you block and if your opponent decides to block or start attacking you have that covered. It is hard to time sometimes and just takes practice.

Though if you know a throw is coming such as empty jump or walk up and throw it is perhaps safer to stand up and try to throw them as that will eliminate the margin of error of you starting to early.

Everyone gets thrown at random times (IE opponent doesn’t have raging demon, shoryuken and two bars into ultra, dive kick, or other reasons not to crouch tech or throw) I don’t think I have ever watched a match where the players where not getting thrown but it doesn’t do much damage is mostly the set up after that are worry some.

That’s not really the problem. What happens is that input lag can delay your opponent’s throw attempt, so while if you tech with offline timing, starts up and you get thrown right out of it.

yeah i see what your saying i think my timing is a little off and sometimes i mash it out cuz i hear my friends mashing grab when we play at the house but online i dont have that big of a problem with it or ill just stand in tech it instead but ive been practicing it alot and ive gotten alot better cuz when i played with them the other night i saw the grabs coming and i just waited a little longer and it worked and i didnt get thrown a single time XD thanks for the help