Need help with cs option selects

I have no idea what the setups are as well as when to input the DP/SA/Ultra. I keep getting the deep CS, the one deep enough to combo but no OS, someone let me in on the secret.

delay the os input. test it in training. (cammy should be close to the ground for the os to register, remember all the OS options are ground moves).

in training:

go full screen. jump lk/mk/hk strike at min height. input the os motion before you hit the ground. OS special should come out. if nothing comes out. then you are doing it too go to the training dummy and preform the same. if OS is still coming out on strike hit, then you are doing it too late.

just try to find the right timing. also its really easy to OS from EX TKCS, Spike/Ultra vs Cody for instance.