Need help with custom joystick background art

I lack all skill with computer art, but need a background for a joystick. If anyone could please help me with some art for a custom arcade joystick background, i’d be much appreciative. if anyone could take this pic:

and just color match (and maybe do a light texture) to the background to make it fit so that the original image should be on the left of these templates:

by the joysticks and the rest by the buttons would be the fill-in/texture. i really want to keep the background simple,

and if the creator of this wallpaper would let me use this wallpaper for a custom joystick background:

with Akuma dead center.

I’d love if someone could put both of these on those templates, that’d be awesome.

thanks. :tup:

Very good pics sorry i cant help i suck with photoshop.I am also making one and already chosed pic but needs good background and also looking for help.The wallpaper i chose is in this forum under custom joystick art.

That pic of Gouki is straight from MvC2. Capcom did that one.

still lookin for help…

what program is used to open the templates?