Need help with customizing my TE stick

I hope I have the correct forum, multiple people have directed me to “Tech Talk”

I have just signed up for one reason alone: I am looking for someone to design artwork for my TE stick customization.

You will have to forgive me because I’m kind of taking this head on with lots of helpful advice from various forums. I have ordered all the necessary parts from and am corresponding to get a plexi top from tek-innovations. I am missing the center piece of this project, my artwork. I am attempting to enlist a person to design this artwork for me through direct correspondance via messenger or email (Preffered email as I am working quite a bit during the day). Hopefully this person would have a reputation already for making quality art for fight sticks.

I am only enlisting one person as I have no qualms to pay this person for their work on my project via PayPal. If any reputable digital artist would like to undertake this task, please post your email and any samples of your personal work.

I thank anyone who reads this and considers the task,

d3v is the best person to talk to for artwork commission.

He also has a website just now.

You could also check this thread that IS in tech talk for templates, you can find something to fit your fancy there, as well:

Of course, d3v is godly for commisions ;D

Thank you both very much for taking the time out to assist me with information.