Need help with cutting holes in plexiglass

Hey guys,

I am having difficulty cutting the holes on the plexi glass for my sanwa buttons on my custom stick. I am using a holesaw but everytime I am close to getting one hole done, the plexi cracks.

Is there anything else I can use ot achieve this or a method that I am overlooking?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


use water.

Are you pre-drilling the hole for the arbor?

Using a hand drill i assume?
Your best best would be to find someone with a drill press,or pick up a cheap one from harbor freight.
If that isn’t an option,I would find something to back up the plexi such as a scrap of mdf or wood,and clamp it to the plexi.Then,go as slow and steady as possible,using something like dish soap as a lubricant.
You could also try running it backwards and melting through the plexi as opposed to cutting through it.

Use a forstner bit and sandwich the glass between 2 pieces of mdf.

The best thing you can do is use a drill press as mentioned above. It transfers energy way better than a hand drill.

I’ve done this with good results too. I forgot about this method.

Is this drill press good enough? I guess for plexi, and MDF.

Solution 1 :
Pierce half depth one one side flip, pierce the other half, it is very unlikely the plexy cracks right in the middle.

Solution 2
Use tape to make the plexi board and a wood board cling very tight in the hole area, pierce the plexiglass, the sturdy board below will support the drill weight and pressure and helps a lot preventing the plexi to yield.

tip 1
ease up on the perssure you apply to the drill when you are about to finish the piercing.

if nothing works of the above, i suggest you buy some better quality plexi, or another one that better fits for je job.

Yes sir,that will get the job done.

u need to cut plexi at a very low speed. dont apply too much pressure… but go very slow. if ur using a drill press make sur eu have the belt on the lowest speed.