Need help with cutting part of fight stick


as you can see there is part of a metal plate in my chun stick that is blocking the screw in from my seimitsu button from going in all the way. what tool would you guys recommend for cutting of a piece of the metal plate without damaging the rest of the stick?

link to gigantic picture


A Dremel tool’s probably easiest but requires a full teardown to ensure you don’t get metal dust where it doesn’t belong. A nibbler might do it and wouldn’t require a teardown. It may be possible to undo whatever’s keeping the plate attached to the panel – I don’t own one of those so I don’t know how that’s attached.


ya, i used a dremel (rotary tool) for mine too. Took about 2 minutes…man i love my dremel…so useful.


Check out this video, 6 mins into the video will show you how to install the button. No need to dremel the metal portion of the stick. Just use sandpaper on the plastic nut to file it down so it will fit under the metal and screw the button in from the top.




What i did was slide the nut under the metal piece and screwed the button in from the top. Then from there i adjusted as needed to get the artwork just right.


This. Cutting off part of the mounting bracket it totally unnecessary when using Seimitsu screw ins.

P.S. Off topic but, I thought you said Chun TE, but isn’t that the microswitch assembly from the TvC stick?


If you have a small rotatary grinder it should do the trick. They go for $60-$200. But if you slide the nut under you don’t have to. A dremel and 3 heavy duty cutting wheels will work too.


Dremel worked.

it is a chun TE… is the joystick not supposed to look like that?! 0.o


That’s not your bog standard Sanwa TP-MA microswitch assembly.

It looks like you got a the MadCatz JLF clone from the TvC stick instead.

Here’s a comparison shot from the TvC Stick thread.

Take note off course that the only functional difference between these is that the MadCatz clone has a stiffer spring.


wow i guess someone must have bought it and changed the joystick and then returned it to Fry’s…


Shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Last i checked, these don’t have the metal washer issue of the OG SFIV SE sticks, and the microswitches are Omron switches, just like in a JLF. If you think it’s too stiff, just swap the spring for a JLF spring.


alright, thanks!


You still might want to get in touch with MarkMan to see if they (MadCatz) can’t do something for you.


okay will do!