Need help with Dante's mission 9 (snap back after crazy dance)

I find Dante’s combos pretty easy and doable, I breezed through all of his mission as I should since I’ve been playing Dante for the past 8 months.

But mission 9 has got me mind *$@#ed all over the place. First off I never use crazy dance - so the timing after reverb shock to crazy dance is difficult as is - secondly I don’t know when to input the command for the snapback (assist 2). Right at the start of crazy dance…after crazy dance. I tried searching youtube for an ultimate mission walkthru for Dante - but to no avail.

Any you guys help me out? I think a lot of people are having trouble with this mission compared to the others.

I didn’t even know crazy dance existed until I did this mission. I can’t do it either =/. I don’t know why they couldn’t just make it Reverb xx Fireworks then Snap like everyone does and will continue to do 100% of the time.

The snapback has to be right after crazy dance (really tight window)

It is actually a pretty big timing window after the crazy dance, you want to wait a little while they will do a spiral fall animation and on the way down you can snap them back. (note: you can also activate DT and DHC to extend combos ending in crazy dance)

Okay. I’ll try it out.


There’s a 1frame window to input crazy dance if I’m not mistaken.

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I still can’t do this, I’ve had the other 9 done since day 1 :frowning:

The window’s not too bad, 2 frames at worst. It feels more like 3 to me though. The difficult part is getting crazy dance to come out, and that’s near impossible to time. You’re better off just mashing special until it works.

i just did mission 9.

so the only pronlem is the snap back?

just wait a little bit after the dance and snap them back don’t do it to early.

for the ppl who got problems to get reverb into dance after the beehive wait a bit with the groundbounce so the dummy is close on the ground it works like everytime for me this way.

I thought the snap back part was the easier part of the mission. Getting the timing for crazy dance off reverse shock was by far the hardest part for me and not to mention sometimes when I did get it right, the crazy dance actually went through the opponent for whatever reason. The rough timing of crazy dance after reverse shock is just when reverse shock’s animation ends. There’s a small window around that time where you input special. Then the snap back has a much larger window not long after the crazy dance ends.

I just mashed S until I got it. Nbd.

Best way to learn Crazy Dance out of Reverb Shock is when they start to spin out immediately double tap S.