Need help with doom inf



ok i have been working on doom’s inf. for a while now and i need to know 2 things about it:
1>can u do it on normal size characters
2>what is it that i am missing:
on sentinel i can get launch,lp,lk,hk,fly,lk,lk,hk,fly,lk,lk thats it what am i doing wrong that i can’t seem to get past that either the hk won’t connect and if i get the hk to connect then he falls too fast for me to continue. What is there a direction thing to it or am i doing it too slow(which i don’t think i am) or do i delay somewhere I NEED HELP!!!:bluu:
my brain is going crazy :eek:


theres another infinite thread about doom on here somewhere… but since no one has helped u out, i will…

first off, u can do it on normal sized people (i havent done it on servbot, but i think thats it)

second, yur doin it wrong… the cycle goes lk, lp, hk xx fly, i think u were doin lk, lk, hk…big difference

try that, u will get it