Need help with Dreamcast Agetec stick mod

Hi guys, i am new here, and i need some help.

I have a couple of DC Agetec sticks, and i was thinking of modding one of them, to work on PS3, X360, and DC too.I don’t know it this is possible, i am hoping it is, i wouldn’t want to lose DC compatibility.

So anyway, i am a noob when it comes to stick modding, and i was hoping someone would point me in the right direction to get started, like a detailed guide to do this, preferably with pictures of course, what parts do i need and info on where to buy the parts needed (i am from Eastern Europe, so a shop that ships over here would be necessary).
I know this is not an easy one day job to do, but i would really like to do it.So if anyone can help me i’d appeciate it.Any info would be helpful.


That’s a bit beyond the scope of NSD. You’ll want to go to Tech Talk for that.

Read the stickies in the tech talk and the newbie dojo. There are links to dual modding guides.

Off to tech talk we go.

Here read these 2 threads


My own Agetec Guide and Work Log

You will need to read about dual modding.

The PCB that you want to dual mod your Agetec with would be a Peawang Revolution PCB.

You will probably need to drill some 24mm holes on the side of the Agetec for 24mm buttons to accomodate the buttons on a PS3.

You need to google around to find a tutorial if you want to add sanwa or seimitsu parts.

Rtdzing, like how I got sanwa parts inside of my Agetec?

I got a ChImp, the Agetec pcb and a SF4 Mad Catz Fight Pad PCB to fit inside a Agetec with a bit of case modding.

Yeah. It is definitely a roomy case for a mod and good use of a dsub 9.

I have an agetec dual modded with a UPCB, but the UPCB is kind of a pain in the ass and out dated. I have not bothered making many cables for it.

SNK64, on the 2nd Link I posted I also left sources for others to follow.
All but 1 would be helpful to you, that one source the link is dead and I haven’t updated it.

I just modded a couple of Agetecs; one has had its guts replaced with an MC Cthulhu with RJ45 port, the other is dual-modded with a dualshock PCB.

For the dual-mod, I used scotchlok-type splice connectors to tap straight into the existing wiring, which meant I didn’t have to solder to the Agetec PCB, buttons or stick at all. It wasn’t the most elegant way of doing it, but I suck at soldering and it meant if I screwed it up I could fairly easily remove it all and take the stick pretty much back to stock.

If I ever get them totally finished off (still have a couple of holes to drill and hot glue to spread around) I’ll post some pics.

Thanks guys for the help, i appreciate it.

Since i don’t have a spare Xbox 360 pad PCB i guess the easiest and cheapest way would be to buy that Peawang Revolution PCB and use it to do the dual-mod.As for the buttons and joystick, what shop would you recommend to buy from?

Depends on your Geographical location. I know of shops from various places around the world. is in Germany.

So i did the dual-mod of the Agetec today, but the problem is it does not work on the Dreamcast, only on the PS3 an Xbox360. I used a pcb from the Datel Arcade stick, which is a Paewang Revolution PCB.
I had some trouble with the pcb, as i lifted two of the solder points for the buttons, but i repaired them (soldered two wires to the traces).I checked the wiring with a multimeter and it seems to be ok.

I used Darksaul’s idea and soldered the PCB cords to a DB-9 connector, not forgetting the golden rules.Any ideas what could be wrong?

Do you have the correct wires going to the correct pins on both sides of the controller?

Yes, i have.
Found the problem: on the DB9 female connector, i had connected the two pins (1 and 6) to which the red wires were going, as per the information in your guide.However, i found out that the VCC wire from the Agetec board was the blue one, not the red, so i connected that pin with the red one from the Paewang PCB, and all was good.Now i have a fully working stick with DC, PS3 and X360.:slight_smile:

Thanks Darksakul and rtdzign for your help, i really appreciate it.

I should have mention do not trust the color code on that dreamcast cable.
That image was my own guide for what I did, as I didn’t use the stock cable.