Need help with dudley combo!

I dont know what this combos called or anything but its that one where you do lp punch move thingy :lol: (sorry dont know the name) and then you either keep on doing that move or do again. I dont know how to connect this so can someone tell me the timing? Thanks.:depress: :sweat: :smiley:

One of those combos you’re talking about sounds like cr. rh, lp. MGB, cr. rh, lp. MGB, ducking under, uppercutxxSAI or SAII. That one works on a few characters. Dudley, Chun, Makoto, and a few others. The first one you called out sounds like a multiple lp. MGBs, and in another thread it was stated that that move could only be pulled off in the arcade version.

That would explain why i have trouble doing it on the dc.Thanks for the info :stuck_out_tongue: .

Each of Dudley’s juggles are either insanely hard to pull off on the DC or flat-out impossible.

you have to execute the jab MGB RIGHT when the MGB ends in order to juggle. even then though, some characters will get hit prematurely, in which case you have to have quick hands in order to get an extra hit with standing strong or something…