Need HELP! With either making a new joystick or modding an old one

Hi people, i actually just decided to get a 2nd hand x box. i used to play SF4 on the PC but now i need a x box to play live SSF4. I actually own a USB stick from joytron(Paewang) or whatever it is. it’s only meant for PC or PS2/3. So i have a huge problem, i was thinking of doing up a stick from scratch for my x box or mod this stick somehow that i can make it compatible for xbox? is there any way i can do this?

Any opinions/suggestions are welcome. Please do help me!

I need to know how to make a stick from scratch… i know nuts about it so yeah. but i really want to make one because i feel the joytron’s space for my hands arent THAT comfortable, i like the space to be somewhat like a SF4 TE stick because hands can rest comfortably and you dont need to squeeze or whatever.

However… if u guys think i should mod my joytron or whatsoever please give me suggestions and a guide how to!

Many thanks!

can you solder? Cause what you’ll have to do is pad hack a 360 controller, solder on the board, then wire everything up. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s worthwhile to get someone to mod it for you if you can’t read diagrams, or solder. My recommendation would be Gummowned though. I’ve had two of my sticks done through him, and gave perfect results

You’ll have to padhack a common ground 360 controller. Preferably the Madcatz 4716 or even better, the board from the Madcatz fightpad (because the triggers don’t require inverting). Don’t use an official Microsoft controller, it’s actually harder to padhack (not common ground in the triggers, and it costs more for more work)

Take your joytron’s PCB, and solder signal to signal (IE the wire that touches the “UP” signal on your PS3 board, solder it to the UP signal point on your padhacked 360 board), then solder a ground wire to ground (the black wire that’s on the USB cables to both PCBs), and 5V to 5V (both red wires out)

If you don’t want to have 2 USB wires coming out of your stick (preferred, it looks cleaner, and if you plug in and power both, you can do some serious PCB damage), you need a switch of some sort. Either an Imp, which you solder a wire from both Data+ and Data? to 1D± and 2D±, then you solder the wires that will be headed out to the USB wire to the top. Then you solder a ground and VCC (5V) wire to the Imp, and the signal wire of a button (Usually the home button). When that button is help on startup, the Imp switches which system you’re playing on. It defaults to no button held = Play 1D±, Button held = Play 2D± Or you could use a DPDT switch, a physical switch. It has six holes. Connect the Data + and Data? of one PCB to one side, then the Data± to the other side, and then connect the Data ± going to the USB wire to the center. Make sure that it’s like this:

? ? ?
? ? ?

That’s how you dual mod.

The Paewang case is hard to mod. The buttons are 28mm, when any GOOD buttons are 30mm. Would be better off with a case from scratch unless if you want to dremel out some hole space, which works, too. Also, you don’t need a mounting plate with any GOOD stick you could get in the Paewang. But if you built one out of something sturdier, you could probably also score some weight. Though, you could just tape some pennies into the inside of the case. Nobody will know, and it works!

Technically, the Triggers for Microsoft Xbox 360 are Common Ground.
The rest of the PCB is Common Line, it is Voltage.

The only Common Ground Xbox 360 Controller from Microsoft is the Wireless one.
And the Triggers on that are Common Line.

But you got everything else correct.

I had to mess up somewhere so you wouldn’t feel lonely ;P/

thanks for the replies people, very grateful with the information u guys can give…


im pretty much a dummy when it comes to doing this technical stuff.

firstly… i’ve just concluded that the paewang is just not the stick for me? because i think i would be much more comfortable with a bigger base like the street fighter te stick, has a lot of space for your hands to move around and stuff, so personally i think i would like to start from scratch. Also thinking about those technical stuff… gives me a headache lol. i really have no idea how to mod stuff like that, but am willing to take a step by step trial and error to try make one of my own…

Thing is i dont think there is anyone who can actually teach me how to do that. you guys know of any guides or youtube videos that will help? lol or is there any way anyone in singapore is able to help and spend time with me to make this new stick would be cool tho i dont think there would be haha.

Do you guys know where i can get the essentials to make a new joystick? like blogshops or whatever websites i can get my hands on the buttons, ball, the stick etc.

thanks a lot guys, sorry for being a n00b at this. LOL :\

oh PS. How much did u pay for your gummowned stick?