Need help with Elf's wakeup

I keep getting obliterated because I get knocked down and on wakeup i get dped or dked. Help please?

relax. Block and tech. when you get knocked down it is imperative to keep your cool. otherwise you’ll be dead before you know it

I dunno what dked is but you can probably block it, do that.

Way too many of the newer generation that started with sfiv(not saying the OP is one of these as I don’t know him, but just an observation) are doing moves on wake up way way too often. 90% of the time you should be blocking on wake up. Not just with El Fuerte but with almost anyone.

people i face seem to not know what ex guac on wakeup means…

  • I think you should block the first attack then:
  1. Grab, back dash
  2. or block the 2nd attack and grab, back dash
  3. or block the 2nd attack and EX Run for scape
  4. or EX guac, tostada
    I think u can wait for the third attack and do the same except for the EX guac
  • or u can do a back dash then:
  1. Grab
  2. or block the 2nd attack and grab, back dash