Need Help with Everything!


I’m not a bad player but this game, BlazBlue CS II , is just annoying me in every aspect at the moment.

Challenge mode is SO fudging Tight it’s inhuman!
I’m on Ragna #4 and by the time i’m doing the airborne C > D > jump > C > D > Hell’s Fang
The dummy escapes due to shortened hitstun!
Not to mention the D > dash > C, what a joke, you can’t press it too soon or nothing happens (Zero leniancy!!!) or too late and the dummy escapes.
(I realise this is the same with other fighters but this just seems tigther in every way. )

Does Plinking exist in this game?

Online - people just keep using the same damn moves, oh look it’s A-11, she’s gonna just throws daggers and gears and combo you to death.
I’ll block! but of course her moves hit you from the other side aswell!
I’ve probably spent equal time playing as i have trying to get the fudge off the floor!
As soon as i try to do something i get counterhit!



Dash cancelling isnt hard. Time the dash for when your move hits. Soon as the combo number changes/you hear the hit/sound/whatever cue you prefer, do the dash (or time it so the second dash input finishes as the move hits). Theres actually a tonne of leniency. These arent even 1 frame links.

And with a 5 frame buffer, the timing for combos is extremely lenient. Theres one or two sections for combos that are tight, usually parts that extend them with a launch or continuing off a wall bounce or what have you, and evne those never approach the difficulty of 1 frame links. Try pushing the dummy to the corner and doing the combo there. Usually helps make it easier for many of the challenges (some dont work in corner at all though, so careful on that). Of course, youll want to learn to do them normally as well.

Try watching the demonstration as well. Some moves do multipe hits that can be cancelled and have to be cancelled in order for the combo to work properly. others require all multiple hits to come out for it to work.

As for lambda, her swords dont count as coming from behind. Just block normally.


Practice the combos until you get them. It has a learning curb as all other games do. do not be impatient if you do no have the execution starting out. You probably coming from street fighter the combos are nothing like those.

Because i do not play ssf4 and i really only played bb with any amount of learning of the game i do not understand what plinking is. I looked up on youtube and from what i understand of the technique you can not use that in bb. Just hit the buttons in the 5 frame buffer as kirby morph said. Pianoing is something else i seen that they use in sf that is pointless in bb also for the most part.

The sword coming from behind is a overhead for lambda. You can chicken block, you may need to use barrier block to avoid being hit out of your guard in the air if she does certain moves. Lambda is a noob killer. watch youtube vids of ragna v lambda and hit up the dustloop forums. Something i learned against lambda that will help do not air dash full screen toward her. the gear does not hit low in bb it only locks you down.

Being counterhit all the time means you are just doing the wrong thing. You might have been better off blocking or using a more appropriate move. know you spacing that your character is good at and what the opponent is good at.

you will learn what to punish and opportunity for pressure as you play more. Block strings are important to the game defending against and attacking.

Also if they are doing the same moves moves you should be able to bait and punish. They also might being doing the same moves over and over again because you doing the same thing each time.


remember when you want to jump cancel, gatling cancel, special cancel or dash cancel do it when the hit occur for example if ragna’s 5b touchs the opponent and the sound effect is played thats when the cancel happen, you can input the thing you want to do after the hit before it land as the game have hard inputs but it buffers your input to make it easier.

  1. Pick a character you*** like***. Not one you think is easy, or one you think is good. A character you can connect with. One you want to win with.
  2. Do challenge mode. If you get stuck, Screw it and go on Dustloop. The holy grail of becoming gdlk.
  3. Keep playing and playing. Make friends and keep playing with them, learn matchups.
  4. Have fun.

That’s all there is to it.


Please use the beginner questions thread for stuff like this in the future, that’s what the Q&A thread is there for.